Four Digits

This is the 1,000th post published on Superior Realities. Feels like a bit of a crazy number, but when you consider I’ve had this blog for the lion’s share of a decade now, it feels a bit more reasonable.

My character in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.I wanted to do something special for the 1,000th post, but I’m a bit too short on spoons at the moment to go too wild, so I’ve settled on a simple retrospective. I’m going to dig up links to some of my favourite or most memorable posts. I’m not being super thorough or scientific about this, so undoubtedly I’ll be forgetting some good ones, but off the top of my head these are some that feel worth revisiting.

The Trinity Trinity

No less than three posts deconstructing the trinity of traditional group roles in MMORPGs. Put a lot of work and thought into this one.

It’s really funny going back and reading all my hand-wringing about not being a professional game designer now that I am a professional game designer. Admittedly a novice one who is still far from an expert, but still.

Twenty Years

In which I outline the world and story I consider to be my life’s work.

TSW Homebrew

My first foray into tabletop RPG design. I’d really like to work more on this at some point, but it’s hard to justify it when I could be spending the time on paying projects.

Took a reboot of the game for me to earn my purple wings.At the very least I should go back and nerf Exquisite Corpse again. Gods I created a monster with that spell…

Take a Walk on Wyrd Street

Speaking of RPG design…

The Mustering of Azeroth

Not one post, but a massive series covering World of Warcraft: Legion and its myriad class and artifact quests. I still haven’t played WoW since, and it’s starting to feel more and more like this was my way of saying goodbye to the setting.

The Secret World’s Combat Is Fine

I will die on this hill.

World Spectrum: Living for the Future

Always really liked this story. Leha and Alistos are two of my favourite characters to write for.

Efflo, Mexico

Literally just me sharing a YouTube link, but this band is so good I’ll take any opportunity I can to plug them.

On Being Represented

Lana Beniko in Star Wars: The Old Republic.In which I discuss those rare characters in fiction I can see myself reflected in.

Fan Fiction: The Black in the Red

The story of my Templar character in The Secret World, written in the style of the in-game lore entries. I’m pleased with how well I managed to replicate the style. I actually did some lore entries for all my other characters. Maybe I’ll post them one day.

RPGs Versus Progression Games

Probably the piece of game design analysis that I’m most proud of from the history of this blog, maybe my whole career.

So StarCraft: Remastered

After months of speculation, Blizzard has now officially announced StarCraft: Remastered, an HD update of the original game and its expansion, Brood War. They’re going to make SC1 and BW totally free, while the Remaster will be a paid upgrade.

A screenshot from the official remaster of StarCraft 1A remaster of a classic Blizzard game seems like the sort of thing I’d be over the moon about, but to be honest… well, as Randy Jackson would say, I’m not feelin’ it, dawg.

The trouble with updating old games is that there’s such a fine line between changing too much, and not changing enough, and where that line sits can be quite subjective. For me, this remaster isn’t changing enough.

It’s basically the original game with slightly tweaked graphics. That will undoubtedly please the purists, but to be honest I don’t really want to be dealing with clunky UI, infuriatingly brain-dead pathfinding, and graphics that may be better than the original but still look about fifteen years out of date.

Ultimately, what kills my enthusiasm more than anything is Mass Recall.

The main thing I’d be interested in when it comes to a remake is the campaign, and Mass Recall already provides all of the story content of the original with fully modernized graphics and gameplay. And it’s free. It’s giving me more while costing me nothing, whereas the official remaster is offering less for a price.

The main thing the official offering has over Mass Recall is that it includes competitive play, but I’m not much for PvP, so that doesn’t really matter to me.

I am a little intrigued by the animated interludes they’re talking about — I don’t know if that means the briefings, the cinematics, or both —  as those sound pretty cool, but I don’t think it’s worth dropping cash for.

I’m sure there are people who will enjoy this remaster, but it seems like it’s going to be a pretty small niche.

I’m not really that disappointed because the remaster I want already exists in the form of Mass Recall. I am, however, concerned about the precedent this sets for other hypothetical remasters of old Blizzard games, which don’t already exist in the form of mods (not good ones, anyway).

I’d love to see modernized versions of a lot of older Blizzard titles, but if they’re all just going to be minor graphical face-lifts and nothing else, I’m not sure I’d want to bother. Warcraft III could maybe work with nothing but mild visual tweaks, but the others would need more changes to really be worth playing in this day and age. I’m not saying I want them totally redone from scratch, but at least fix some of the more broken old school mechanics.