Song of the Month: Efflo, Mexico

It’s my birthday today, and as with last year, I’m going to post a song for no other reason than that it’s one of my absolute favourites.

When I first debuted my “Song of the Month” segment I started with a song by the Winnipeg band Sc Mira. Since then, they’ve changed their name to Efflo, short for “effloresce,” but it’s still the same band.

They haven’t put out any new music since the name change, so it’s too early to say if this also signals a change in sound, but I’ve loved everything they’ve done so far, so I’m pretty confident it will all work out one way or another.

One of my favourites of theirs is Mexico. It’s a very soothing song, and I often listen to it before bed, but it’s also fun to crank up until the bass rattles your bones.

Gods, this band is so good.


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