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Introducing Demonic Bloodline for Fifth Edition

My latest release on Dungeon Masters Guild is Demonic Bloodline, a chaotic and destructive new sorcerer subclass.

Cover art for demonic bloodline, a new sorcerer subclass for Fifth Edition.Demonic Bloodline sorcerers struggle eternally against the demonic fury in their hearts. This fury can be unleashed to grant them incredible power, but if used too often, it risks overwhelming them, consuming them from within.

It’s a high risk, high reward build that can be used to cause great harm to enemies, as well as harvest their life energy to sustain yourself, but it comes at a price. Many of your abilities deal your Demonic Fury damage to yourself, or even to your allies, as the price of maintaining them, rolling poorly with them, or using them too often.

Demonic Bloodline sorcerers also develop an iron will from the lifelong struggle to contain the rage of their blood, granting them the ability to turn failure into success on many crucial saving throws.

Demonic Bloodline also includes three new Abyssal magic items, featuring item cards by Eventyr Games.

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Songs of the Month: Monowhales and JJ Wilde

I’ve neglected my blog so much lately I didn’t even do a Song of the Month for February. To make up for that, I’ll be posting two for March, both local talent.

First we have Toronto’s own Monowhales, whom I’ve featured before, with Out With the Old:

Second, we head to Kitchener with JJ Wilde’s Mercy:

Honestly, with how much JJ Wilde’s been blowing up (at least in my neck of the woods), I’m not sure if she needs the help, but with a voice like that, she certainly deserves the recognition.