New Articles: Dedicated Communities, Group Content, and Identifying Dead Games

It’s time again for a round-up of my latest articles published at MMO Bro.

A picturesque scene of Christmas lights in Tom Clancy's The DivisionFirst, I look at the MMOs with the most dedicated communities, then shift gears to comparing the pros and cons of various types of group content.

Finally, I ask the question, “When is a game truly dead?” It’s a much more complicated matter than you might expect. And unexpectedly topical given that WildStar’s demise was announced shortly after I finished writing it.


New Articles: Fixing Lockboxes, Healing Developer Relations, and More

The time has come for another round-up of my latest articles to be published at MMO Bro.

First, I again poke the hornet’s nest by talking about lockboxes. This time I’m looking at ways to improve the concept to make them a bit less awful.

Next, I discuss the often toxic relationship between players and developers, and how to mend fences.

Finally, I consider the impossibility of playing all the MMOs out there and how to cope with it as a serious MMO fan.