Song of the Month: Wolf Alice, Moaning Lisa Smile

A few years back, Wolf Alice enjoyed a few months of regular airplay on my local radio station, and then they seemed to just sort of dropped off the map, at least in this part of the world. I wasn’t really a fan back then — I found them vaguely interesting, but nothing more.

A funny thing happened recently, though. Something — I don’t even remember what — reminded me of them, and I listened to a bunch of songs on YouTube, and I decided they’re actually not half bad. Admittedly it’s still just a couple of songs that have caught my eye (or ear, I guess), but I have been listening to them quite a bit lately.

So anyway, here’s some Wolf Alice.

Song of the Month: Everlast, What It’s Like

Earlier in the month I talked about my homebrew RPG, Wyrd Street. In it, I said that I felt like Wyrd Street is essentially the song What It’s Like by Everlast translated into a fantasy RPG. That also gives me an easy choice for June’s Song of the Month.

In the unlikely event anyone still cares in the current climate, fair warning there are NSFW lyrics ahead.

This song isn’t exactly the usual style of music I go for, but it’s nice for what it is, and I’ve always admired the message expressed through its lyrics. I think right now especially we could all do to put ourselves in the shoes of those less fortunate than us, but really this is a message that will always be relevant.