Fan Fiction: The Light Sith Code

If you ask me, one of the most fun things you can do in SWTOR is play a light side Sith. You’re a true chaotic good hero: passionate, free-spirited, and valiant, fighting to bring positive change to the world.

My warrior practicing lightsaber technique in Star Wars: The Old RepublicIt gets me to thinking sometimes what would happen if, in the long term, Jaesa actually succeeded in her mission and led some light side reformation of the Sith. Not turning them into Jedi, but accentuating the more positive aspects of Sith philosophy to create a new order of people who use their passion to bring freedom to the galaxy.

Because when you think about it, there’s a lot of good in the fundamental philosophy of the Sith. I certainly think it has more redeeming aspects than the dehumanizing Jedi Code.

All this got me thinking about what a Light Sith Code would be like. How would their philosophy look if they tweaked it to accent the positive traits of Sith ideology — freedom, embracing one’s humanity, self-empowerment — while discarding the more problematic elements.

This is what I came up with:

Peace is fleeting; passion is eternal

Through passion, we gain knowledge

With knowledge, we take action

Through action, we bring justice

With justice, our chains are broken

The Force shall free us all

The first line was the trickiest. “Peace is a lie” is the most obviously dangerous part of the original Sith Code, though even there arguments could be made that it is still a positive message.

I’m not the biggest fan of the inquisitor class story in SWTOR, but one of my favourite moments in that game is a conversation where the inquisitor and Ashara discuss Sith philosophy, and especially the “peace is a lie” segment. The conclusion they come to is that it doesn’t necessarily decry peace, but only illustrate that peace is not a means unto itself. You don’t make the world a better place by sitting under a tree waiting for enlightenment.

My Sith inquisitor in Star Wars: The Old RepublicMy challenge then was to illustrate this in just one line. I’m not sure I did as good a job as I could have, but generally the idea is that peace is admirable, but ephemeral, and we must instead rely on our passions — our convictions — to guide us in an ever-changing universe.

Beyond that, I also appropriated the one part of the Jedi Code I actually like — the veneration of knowledge over ignorance — and wrote it in first person plural, rather than singular, to counteract the tendency toward selfishness that tends to run through Sith ideology.

I know many Star Wars fans will say that “light Sith,” or any Sith that aren’t evil, is an oxymoron and a contradiction of Star Wars lore, and I freely grant they may be right. But I think it’s a lot more interesting to view the Jedi and Sith as both flawed, with pros and cons on both sides, and at least in the context of SWTOR — the only Star Wars I much care about — light side Sith are definitely a thing.

And really this is just for my own amusement anyhow.


Superior Realities Sixth Anniversary: Reflections

Six years have now past since the first post appeared on Superior Realities. Time flies when you’re yelling at Blizzard, I suppose.

The Greatest City in the WorldIn some ways it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but in others it feels like a lifetime. I was still writing Dispatches from the Romulan War when this blog started, for crying out loud.

When the blog started, I lived in Toronto, then I moved to the country for a few years, then I moved back to the city. Seems like rather a lot of effort just to move from the west end to the east end.

I still miss Parkdale. My new neighbourhood is nice, too, but that’s the problem. It’s too nice. I’ve been here for going on two years now, and I’m still waiting to get the bum’s rush. I don’t fit in here.

I try to visit Parkdale as often as possible. I feel like I belong there. It’s the only place I’ve ever been where I’m not the weirdest person around.

When I lived in Toronto the first time, I lived with my father and a couple cats. Now that I’ve returned, I live alone with many books but no cats.

When the blog began, freelance writing was still some new and exciting adventure I was embarking upon. Now it’s just old hat.

Looks pretty in the picture, but it's really a miserable placeI’ve written… three novels since this blog started. I think. Three or four. Of course only one of them (Human Again) has seen the light of day so far. I’ve also written who knows how many short stories in that time.

Six years ago, I had hair. I should really update that profile picture at some point. Male pattern baldness can suck it, by the way.

When the site launched, I was a huge Metric fan, and now I’m a huge Metric fan who’s shaken Emily’s hand (best day ever). I’m also now a huge Chvrches fan, but I haven’t shaken Lauren’s hand.

When Superior Realities began, I was still in the process of re-entering the gaming world. Of course I’d been playing WoW for a while by then and had also played StarCraft II and maybe one or two other things, but I was still a bit out of the loop on the industry as a whole.

Since then I’ve broadened my horizons considerably. I eventually got around to most if not all of the games I missed out on during my teen years and embraced many modern classics, as well as a few more obscure titles. I hated Bioware for a while, then I kind of liked them, then I loved them, then I think I hated them again for a bit, and now I’m just generally confused.

They had real winters up there. That's somethingI’ve blogged through four WoW expansions, the rise and fall of my passion for Guild Wars 2, and my totally unexpected dive into Star Wars: The Old Republic. I fell in love with The Secret World, and now I’ve had to cope with its inglorious collapse. In general I’ve created enough MMO characters to form an entire battalion, and like half of them are named Maigraith.

I’ve mourned the cancellations of Defiance and Sanctuary, and I’ve fallen in love with Continuum, Dark Matter, and iZombie. I’ve reviewed some very good movies, and also Immortals.

It has been suggested I should take this opportunity to examine whether I’ve achieved my goals for the blog, to which I can only say… maybe? I guess?

Honestly I’m kind of losing sight of what the point was originally supposed to be. Nowadays blogging is just part of my routine; it’s not something I think a lot about. Just an excuse to run my mouth (figuratively speaking) without anyone trying to change the subject on me like they usually do.

I’m mostly happy with the traffic I get, though of course it’d always be nice to get more, and I do get a decent amount of attention within the greater community, so that’s nice.

Best day ever

Shake your head, it’s empty…

I will confess that I wish I got more comments, though. Figure pretty much every blogger wishes they got more comments, and compared to the handful of blogs I follow, I seem to get less comments than most. Not sure why this is, but I imagine it’s some combination of my terrible opinions, my long-winded endurance test of a writing style, and my cantankerous personality.

Of course, reflecting on the past also invariably leads one to pondering the future. For the most part, I suppose it will continue to be steady as she goes for Superior Realities for the immediate future.

I’m always mulling ideas for new types of content, but I dismiss almost all of them.

There’s often the temptation to expand beyond my relatively narrow sci-fi/fantasy/video game focus (the lack of Simpsons content on this blog saddens me sometimes), but at the same time I think there’s something to be said for keeping a clear vision for the site. I like the idea that my readers know what they’re getting: angry nerd rants and Elves.

I’ve thought about doing a series on various songs that I use for inspiration when writing fiction, but most people’s ears start bleeding when confronted with my musical taste.

I could also probably get a lot more posts out of the head canon and backstories for my video game characters, but my previous posts on that subject have the dubious distinction of being the least popular posts I’ve ever done by every available metric, so I probably won’t bother with that.

To winter I belongI tried my hand at video content recently, and there’s some temptation to do more of that, but it’s another thing that didn’t get much reaction. Plus I’m not sure I can bring anything to the table that the legions of YouTubers out there aren’t already covering, and I definitely have a voice for text (which is like a face for the radio, kind of).

I’m also often tempted to post more of my fiction and thoughts related to it on the blog, but again, such posts never seem to generate much interest, so I’m kind of gravitating away from that at this point.

Seriously, if you ever feel like doing me a favour, go read some of my stories and leave feedback. I don’t mind criticism as long as it’s constructive. I’m particularly interested in opinions on The Wounding and Lady of the Dawn, as that setting is very important to me, but In Her Sister’s Pose is probably the best thing I’ve written as far as short fiction goes.

Anyway, if any of these ideas sound like they’d interest you, or if you there’s something else you’d like to me to do with the blog, let me know, but otherwise it’s probably going to be status quo for the time being. There is many a Warcraft rant yet to be written.

In closing, I would like to thank my readers for sticking with me all this time. Be seeing you, sweetlings.

In the half-light.