DMs Guild: Enjoy a Summer Sale and Take a Cruise through Ravenloft

Today marks the release of Captain Snowmane’s Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread, a new collection of Ravenloft domains on Dungeon Masters Guild. Captain Snowmane’s features nine new domains by nine authors, including myself.

A preview image for Belissia, the Domain of Toxic Positivity, included in Captain Snowmane's Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread.Included in the book are horrific realms such as Muulberry Pasture, where Otis the Tickle Pig harvests his human crop; Sumun, a dark fantasy land inspired by the epic of Gilgamesh; and my own domain of Belissia, a spiritual retreat with a smile on every face and terror in every heart.

Captain Snowmane’s will be $9.95 until July 31st only, so act fast if you want the best price on this holiday of horror.

While we’re on the subject of deals, Dungeon Masters Guild is also currently holding their Christmas in July sale, and all of my player options are currently 25%, including the Reanimator artificer and Demonic Bloodline sorcerer.

Song of the Month: Ferraro, You Look Good Like That

This song was a massive radio hit in my neck of the woods aways back. So much so that I got a bit burnt out on it. But that was a while ago now. I’m not sure what reminded me of this song, but when I started listening to it again, I was like, “Oh, yeah, it may have been over-exposed, but this is a pretty good song.”