Song of the Month: Metric, False Dichotomy

This month saw the release of Metric’s latest album, Formentera. To be honest, this is in my view Metric’s weakest album to date. Most of the songs are pretty forgettable.

To be fair, though, this is their eighth album. That this is their first major stumble* is pretty impressive. I can also respect that they’re still experimenting after all this time. Formentera’s sound may not be entirely to my taste, but I can appreciate that it isn’t quite like anything they’ve done before.

*(I thought Synthetica was a bit underwhelming, too, but not to this extent.)

And it still has a few good songs. I like this one.

I enjoy how Emily often sings words as if each syllable was its own word. “False dye cot oh me, no choice to choose…”

Song of the Month: Dear Rouge, Gimme Spirit

Dear Rouge is one of those bands I’m always glad to see putting out new stuff. Their music is fun, and while admittedly I don’t know a whole lot about them, they’ve always given me the vibe of being very nice, wholesome people. I think the fact they’re a husband and wife team is cute.

Their latest single, Gimme Spirit, is about returning to their roots, and appropriately, it sounds like something that could have been on their first album. Like most of their stuff, it’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s nice, and it makes you feel good.