Tinkering with Inkarnate — Standing Stone

I haven’t had as much time to use with Inkarnate lately, but I’m still tinkering with it here or there. Something I decided to try recently is creating some non-map art.

This is something I’d seen others do — creating landscapes and the like using Inkarnate’s assets. Obviously this isn’t what the toolset is designed for, so it’s a bit limited in what you can do, but I’ve still seen some pretty impressive pieces made with it.

I don’t quite have the talent for that, but I think it still turned out okay all things considered:

A landscape piece made with fantasy map-making tool Inkarnate.

Song of the Month: Metric, London Halflife

Some people find winter depressing, but for me, spring is when my mood tends to really bottom out. The warmer weather makes my insomnia even worse, and the rain and the gloom wear me down.

This in turn makes me turn to gloomy music. Well, slightly more than usual, anyway. And few do that better than Metric.

London Halflife is one of my all-time favourites from them, or really any band. It’s one of only two songs I’ve ever listened to on repeat (the other being Live It Out, also by Metric).