Song of the Month: Amy Shark, I Said Hi

The latest new artist to catch my interest is Australia’s Amy Shark. She reminds me a little bit of Canada’s own Tegan and Sara, but a little folkier and yet also a bit edgier, if that makes sense.

My favourite song of Amy’s right now is I Said Hi. It excellently captures the feeling of trying to present the image that you’re doing okay when nothing could be further from the truth.

Song of the Month: Aurora, Apple Tree

Thinking back on my Songs of the Month for this year, I was surprised to realize I’d never linked Apple Tree from Aurora’s latest album. This is surprising because it is quite possibly the song I’ve listened to most often in 2019.

I definitely wasn’t expecting Aurora to take a foray into quasi-hip hop, and I certainly didn’t expect such a foray to actually be good, but here we are.

So if you ever wanted to hear a strange magical Norwegian girl try to rap and somehow actually kinda pull it off… today is your lucky day.

Serious Nelly Furtado vibes here.