New on DMs Guild: Pact of the Coven

My latest release on Dungeon Masters Guild is a new Pact Boon for the warlock class, the Pact of the Coven!

Pact of the Coven allows you to gather a group of like-minded allies and cast powerful ritual magic with their aid. Includes more than a half a dozen new Eldritch Invocations to strengthen the bond between you and your coven. Link minds, share your cantrips, and more.

Pact of the Coven is also available as part of my Ashen Grimoire bundle, which includes several other class options at a heavily discounted price.

Song of the Month: Metric, Stadium Love

I had a pretty memorable session of my Curse of Strahd D&D campaign over the weekend.

We were fighting a powerful boss (no spoilers), and my sorlock had run out of spell slots. So our Moon druid decided to come in and polymorph her into a giant ape. She was not thrilled.

Then it turns out that the boss also had shape-changing abilities, and it transformed into a T-rex, because of course it needs to be Godzilla versus Kong at that point. And then the aforementioned druid got in on the fun by becoming a giant elk.

After all that, I just had to listen to Stadium Love.