Wyrd Street Odd Jobs: The Tarnished Ring

Odd Jobs is a series of short adventures prompts for my indie RPG Wyrd Street. You can incorporate these prompts into your Wyrd Street campaign or potentially adapt them to other RPG settings.

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The Tarnished Ring:

From the job board in the Rose Garden common room:

“Need capable for investigators for personal matter. Discretion required. Compensation available.”-Shao Ping, proprietor, Happy Dumpling Tavern.

The Happy Dumpling is a cozy establishment on the banks of the River Skarflud, near the Quarantine. Inside, the air is warm and filled with the smell of delicious food. Shao Ping is a thin, nervous-looking man minding the bar. When the party approaches him, he asks them to join him in a back room, once again implying that his request of is of an embarrassingly personal nature.

Once within a quiet stormroom, and upon checking at the small windows to see that no one is listening outside, he explains that his request isn’t actually personal at all. He’s even been spreading the rumour among his customers that his wife has been seeing someone else to maintain his cover — in reality his wife is quite loyal and in on the deception.

The actual issue concerns the Azure Ring. Once a mercantile guild, the Ring has become a vigilante group protecting the Tiahnese minority within the city. The problem, as Ping explains, is that the particular Azure Ring group in his neighbourhood has taken it upon themselves to move from protection to “protection,” and Ping and his neighbours are on the verge of being bankrupted by their supposed saviours.

Ping is quite convinced that the leader of this extortion ring, a woman named Lu Chin, is doing so without the permission of the Ring’s leaders, and that they will crack down on her if proof of her crimes is presented, but Ping hasn’t the means to find it himself. Thus it falls to the party to stop Chin’s reign of terror, either by defeating her directly or by finding proof of her crimes to take to the Azure Ring.

Tips for running the adventure:

This adventure suits itself well to intrigue and stealth, but of course you can also take the direct route to dealing with the rogue vigilantes.

The Azure Ring are tougher than your average Greycap thugs, so this is an adventure best-suited for mid-level parties of roughly level 4-6, though it can be adjusted for levels beyond that range by adjusting the number and type of enemies fought.

You could even consider reskinning some other NPCs to help adjust the difficulty of any combat encounters. For an easier fight, reflavour some Greycap stat blocks as Azure Ring members, or for a high level adventure, do the same with agents of the Divine Legion.

Want more like this?

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