Buying Decisions: Overwatch and Black Desert

The past few days have seen a couple of game sales tempting me.

Artica, warrior-priestess of SielFirst, Steam offered Black Desert for a measly $6. Now, I have no real interest in this game. I tried it, was underwhelmed, and promptly moved on.

But that character creator, though. I had a blast recreating all sorts of characters from my writing, and there were many more I would have liked to get to. So in the end that seemed worth $6 to me. It’s probably the worst reason to spend money on an MMO ever, but here we are.

I’m not in a massive rush, but you can probably expect to see more Black Desert-spawned recreations of my characters at some point. They’ve expanded the character customization options, especially for male characters, so the list of characters I can faithfully duplicate should be greater now. I want to try for a better rendition of Tyrom.

One wrinkle is that it’s apparently impossible to use an old Black Desert account on Steam. You need to start a new one. But I’m not really planning to actually play the game, so it doesn’t really matter if my original account and its associated progress is lost.

Meanwhile, Overwatch.

The free weekend has now wrapped up. Overall, I had a lot more fun this time than in any of my previous stints with the game. As I said in my last post, the Total Mayhem mode is a vast improvement over the standard gameplay.

I earn Play of the Game while using the Junker D.Va skin in OverwatchEven so, I managed to talk myself out of buying it. It’s just too shallow of an experience to justify spending time and money on when there’s so much I want to play. These days, simply being fun isn’t always a good enough reason for me to play a game. I prefer to focus on games that stimulate my mind or emotions. Give me a good story or some really fascinating gameplay. Or ideally both.

Before the weekend wrapped up, I was able to earn enough credits to buy the legendary D.Va skin I got in beta before the account wipe (which is also my favourite skin in the game), and I also got lucky and had the Symmetra anniversary skin drop.

I’m not sure why this pleases me, considering I’m not sure when I’ll even play the game again. But somehow it does.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Impressions, Overwatch, and WoW Clones

Over the past few months, I’ve found my interest in Heroes of the Storm waning. I’m starting to worry it will be like Guild Wars 2: a game I was once very passionate about that I then totally lose interest in.

Samuro the blademaster in Heroes of the StormI’m not sure how much of this is just my own burnout and how much is due to the game itself. It does seem to be a bit of a different game than it once was. After that big rebalance they did to prevent snowballing (which it had no effect on), everything seems so much more bursty and unforgiving. Add to that Blizzard’s apparent aversion to add any more heroes that aren’t super squishy, and the game’s becoming almost as much a nerve-wracking one-shot fest as Overwatch.

Still, I have enough history with the game to make me reticent to write it off too easily, so with the big 2.0 update, I once again delved in to see how things had changed. My full thoughts form my latest article on MMO Bro, but in the end, it’s not that different.

Also on MMO Bro, I take a look back at the WoW clones of yesteryear and how they’ve evolved over time.

Speaking of Overwatch, I’ve been playing the free weekend again. They have a new(?) mode called Total Mayhem where everyone’s health is doubled, and it is so much better.

I mean, it isn’t balanced very well, since the game wasn’t designed for this. The mode also includes reduced ability cooldowns, and between that and the increased health pools, a good Lucio can keep his team alive almost indefinitely, leading to some frustrating stalemates sometimes.

I earn Play of the Game as Mei in Overwatch

I also seem to perform better in Total Mayhem. A little.

Even so, I consider this a vast improvement over standard Overwatch. You actually have time to react to threats. You don’t just get constantly one-shot out of the blue. There’s room for tactical play, and when you do land a kill, it’s so much more satisfying.

I’m not sure if it’s a permanent mode or not. It’s surprisingly difficult to get a clear answer on that. If it is, I’m tempted to finally pull the trigger and buy the game, especially with the sale on right now. Heck, I’m tempted either way.

But then again I already wasted so much on the new computer, and I’d probably get bored of it fast.

Sigh… self-control was never my strong suite.