Video: Vorazun Co-op and Lore Rambling

Trying something a little different today.

I’ve been tinkering with a video recording program (OBS — thanks to Moiren for recommending it to me), and I’ve decided to experiment with some video content for the blog.

For my first (and possibly only) video post, I decided to do a co-op mission in StarCraft II, playing as Vorazun. I also take the opportunity to ramble about my love for the Protoss and their lore, and discuss how my voice is the auditory equivalent of Martin Shkreli.

This is very much an experiment, so feedback is welcomed. It’s not something I’ve had a huge amount of interest in prior to now, but my father has suggested it a few times, and I was somewhat inspired by the video posts Ashley has been doing over at Robo♥beat.

What I’m saying is: This is all their fault. Send your hate mail to them, not me.