Song of the Month: The Naked and Famous, Death

A new release today, hot off the digital presses. I always find The Naked and Famous a bit hit and miss, and the slow trickle of songs from their upcoming album have been no exception, but based on first impressions, I think I like this one.

Given current world events, I know death is maybe not a topic people want to be reminded of, but I’m sure it’s clear by now I have no issue with morbid music. And in its way, this song is a strange sort of uplifting.

I’m reminded of that line from Night Vale: “Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you.”

Song of the Month: Metric, Too Little Too Late

I really struggled to pick a song for this month. There aren’t new releases that are really rocking my world, and just nothing was really jumping out at me.

But it occurred to me I haven’t posted a Metric song for a while, and that seemed like a problem that should be rectified.

So here, have one of my all time favourite Metric songs.