Song of the Month: The Naked and Famous, The Runners

Time for the latest installment of my “link a song so I have more time to work on my books” series.

New Zealand’s The Naked and Famous are a strange band. I find their music can be quite hit and miss, but when they get it right, wow, they get it right.

Case in point: their most recent album, Simple Forms, which came out roughly one year ago. There’s a number of songs on this album that don’t quite do it for me, but the ones I like, I adore.

None more so than The Runners, which is still the best song I’ve heard over the past twelve month period.

Not much to say beyond that. I just really like this song.


Song of the Month: Aurora, Warrior

Time for the second installment of my monthly “post a song I like because I’m lazy” series.

This month being (probably) the twentieth anniversary of the Soulcleaver universe, I decided to post a song that I associate with that setting. Like a lot of authors, I like finding “theme songs” that capture the feel of particular characters or stories.

I have a lot of songs that make me think of various aspects of Soulcleaver, but I’ve settled on Warrior by Norwegian folk-pop singer Aurora Aksnes (or just Aurora, as she prefers to be known). It’s my “theme song” for Seesha Avallen, one of the main heroes of the story. You’ve probably heard me mention her before.

It’s actually kind of eerie how perfectly this song captures Seesha’s story. Adding to the oddness is the fact that Aurora herself actually kind of looks like Seesha. And I came up with Seesha’s look long before I discovered Aurora, so it’s not like she could have subconsciously influenced me or anything.

If you like this, I definitely recommend checking out more of Aurora’s stuff. She has a lot of amazing songs.