Wyrd Street Physical Books Now Available

As of today, the physical versions of Wyrd Street’s three rulebooks are now available. Those who backed at the appropriate level on Indie Go Go should be receiving codes to order copies at-cost, and anyone else can order them via their Drive Thru RPG store pages.

Core Rulebook

GM’s Guide

Quicksilver War campaign

Song of the Month: Jon Charles Dwyer, Panthers on the Mountainside

A few weeks back I finally got all the way caught up on the horror podcast Old Gods of Appalachia. While the show can be a little hit and miss at times, I found the recently concluded third season to be by far the best to date.

The last few episodes also had the virtue of featuring a lovely little tune by Jon Charles Dwyer, Panthers on the Mountainside. Apparently written specifically for the show, it appears to only be available on Old Gods’ Bandcamp page, so forgive me if I don’t have the neat little YouTube embed this time, but just follow the link on over and enjoy some nice folk music.