Wyrd Street Launches November 7th

Just a quick update to let you know we’ve locked in a release date for Wyrd Street, my indie TTRPG. The PDF versions of all three books will launch on Monday, November 7th. Mark your calendars!

The cover art for the Wyrd Street game master's guideFor more info, including a tease of the campaign guide cover, check out the latest update on our IndieGoGo campaign.

Also on the subject of RPGs, my Demonic Bloodline subclass for 5E has now earned its copper best-seller badge on Dungeon Masters Guild. If you’re in the mood to try something new with your sorcerer, check out this uniquely volatile and dangerous subclass, and unleash the fury of the Abyss.

DMs Guild: Accolades and Achievements

Have a few tidbits of news to bring you from the world of Dungeon Masters Guild.

Cover art for my best-selling 5E subclass, the Reanimator artificer.Firstly, my artificer subclass, the Reanimator, has earned its copper best-seller badge. Its the first of my standalone subclasses to do so. Another of my subclasses, the Demonic Bloodline sorcerer, is very close to doing the same, but with how sporadic long tail sales can be, it’s hard to know exactly when it’ll cross that line.

Remember you can always find a list of all my RPG projects, including but not limited to my DMs Guild releases, on the appropriate page.

I’m not the only one receiving some accolades lately, though. My co-writer on the Wyrd Street campaign, Shu Qing Tan, has just been nominated for an ENNIE award in the Best Organized Play category for her adventure Two Hearts Apart. This is the adventure that convinced me to hire her for Wyrd Street, so I’d say the nomination is well-deserved.

To celebrate, Shu is currently offering a limited-time bundle that collects her adventures at a discounted price. And of course, you’ll be able to see her more of her work when Wyrd Street launches later this year.