My Take on the Recent Drama

I’m not normally in the habit of reposting my Massively Overpowered columns here, but as Blizzard’s games have such personal significance for me and have been such a huge part of this blog’s content, I wanted to signal boost my take on recent events.

Not So Massively: The Blizzard I loved is dead

I really hope they find the courage to make amends for this. I want to be able to forgive them.

New Articles: From Gaming to Mental Health

I’ve had another few articles published here and there online (beyond my regular columns at Massively Overpowered).

A screenshot from the throwback game Legends of AriaFirstly, over at MMO Bro, I talk about old school grind, and how it was more of a “participation trophy” than modern convenience.

Next, I tried something new. I sold an article on some of my struggles living on the autism spectrum to the online medical magazine You and Me.

I have to admit it’s a bit scary to be sharing my personal struggles on so public a forum, especially as this article does paint something of a bleak picture of my life. To be honest I’m not wholly sure what motivated me to do this. I guess I thought it might be cathartic.

I think I also wanted to stretch my wings as a writer a bit. I’m happy working in games journalism, but it’s nice to flesh out my portfolio a bit. Maybe it will lead to more opportunities down the line. Specialization is the autistic way, but I don’t need to be a complete one trick pony.