Wyrd Street: Campaign and Bundle Now Available

As a quick addendum to yesterday’s post, The Quicksilver War campaign for Wyrd Street is now available. This is the main story of the game, and the seed from which the entire idea blossomed.

There is also now a bundle that allows you to get all three books for a discounted price.

Wyrd Street Is Live

The Divine Legion marches to war. The gangs plot and scheme. The cultists begin their rituals. The day is finally here!

Wyrd’s Street’s Core Rulebook and Game Master’s Guide PDFs are now live on Drive Thru RPG. There has been a slight delay with the campaign guide, but it will be released to the public tomorrow, and those who backed us here on IndieGoGo should begin receiving it today.

Now is your chance to experience this unique action-adventure RPG full of everyday heroes and personal stakes. Craft yourself a Fu of Warding, grab your Symbol of Hope, and get ready to bring hope and justice to the streets of Morhold!