Song of the Month: Everlast, What It’s Like

Earlier in the month I talked about my homebrew RPG, Wyrd Street. In it, I said that I felt like Wyrd Street is essentially the song What It’s Like by Everlast translated into a fantasy RPG. That also gives me an easy choice for June’s Song of the Month.

In the unlikely event anyone still cares in the current climate, fair warning there are NSFW lyrics ahead.

This song isn’t exactly the usual style of music I go for, but it’s nice for what it is, and I’ve always admired the message expressed through its lyrics. I think right now especially we could all do to put ourselves in the shoes of those less fortunate than us, but really this is a message that will always be relevant.

Dungeon in a Box Year Three Arrives

Aways back I mentioned a new job writing 5E adventures. Today, I can begin to reveal some of the details of that.

Cover art for several adventures from year three of Dungeon in a Box.I’ve been contributing to the third year of adventure subscription service Dungeon in a Box. The new season featuring my adventures, Voyage of the Fallen Star, is now live and available to subscribers, with a discount for people who sign up in the next few weeks.

Year three begins a new story arc featuring an epic journey across the sea in search of a magical treasure of incalculable value. My first contribution is episode four, Madness of the Mother, which features a race never before seen in D&D, with a rich and unique culture of my own devising. I’m also currently beginning work on another episode that will appear later in the season. New subscribers jump directly into year three, with no catch-up required.

Each month’s box comes with an adventure book containing multiple sessions worth of story and combat encounters, unique monsters with custom stats and terrifying new powers, high quality maps, and DiaB’s own “Skinny Minis.” Starting in year three, boxes will also include custom sculpted minis and 3D terrain.

Each box also includes everything you need to run the adventures online (very useful in the current climate), and if you prefer, you can subscribe for the digital materials only at a significant discount.

Subscribing also grants access to a library of “Wondrous One-Shots,” shorter adventures not connected to the main story. My own Wondrous One-Shot, Treasures of the Savage Lord, is currently in the final stages of production.

If you want to know more about my work as a table-top RPG designer, check out my recent post on my own game, Wyrd Street!