Song of the Month: Aurora, Blood in the Wine

This week I got around to listening through Aurora’s new album, The Gods We Can Touch. Overall I’d rate this as one of her weaker albums, but there’s definitely still some good stuff there.

It’s also unusually dark by her standards — one has the impression she went through a break-up while writing the album — but of course that’s no issue for me. It’s still not half as dark as most of the other stuff I listen to.

I think this is my favourite track on the album, at least right now:

That chorus is infectious.

Song of the Month: Meg Myers, Jealous Sea

There was no way I was only going to share just one Meg Myers song, though it’s taken me a bit longer than I initially expected to get around to posting another.

Today, I’m going with the wonderfully brooding (and cleverly titled) Jealous Sea.

At the risk of fueling harmful stereotypes, as someone with borderline personality disorder, I can’t help but feel on some level this is the anthem of my people.