Song of the Month: Zipper Club, Going the Distance

I was having a bit of trouble picking a song for this month… so I just scrolled through my music file until something caught my eye. This band has the advantage of being at the very end of the list and therefore standing out a bit.

Near as I can tell, Zipper Club only ever released a handful of songs several years ago and then just… vanished off the face of the Earth.

Rather a shame. Based on this, they had potential.

Song of the Month: Soccer Mommy, Feel It All the Time

As hinted at a few months ago, I did get around to checking out more of Soccer Mommy’s music, and she does indeed have a fair bit of good stuff. Haven’t gone through her whole catalogue yet, but so far this is my favourite:

I appreciate the Magic card video, though it bothers me this is an instant with power/toughness values.