Song of the Month: Aurora, Apple Tree

Thinking back on my Songs of the Month for this year, I was surprised to realize I’d never linked Apple Tree from Aurora’s latest album. This is surprising because it is quite possibly the song I’ve listened to most often in 2019.

I definitely wasn’t expecting Aurora to take a foray into quasi-hip hop, and I certainly didn’t expect such a foray to actually be good, but here we are.

So if you ever wanted to hear a strange magical Norwegian girl try to rap and somehow actually kinda pull it off… today is your lucky day.

Serious Nelly Furtado vibes here.

Song of the Month: Efflo, Horror Movie

There’s a lot of good new music right now, so I had a bit of a struggle picking a single track for November’s Song of the Month. The song Chvrches did for Death Stranding is fantastic, and the new Monowhales single is pretty bangin’, too.

But I had to signal boost the new track from Winnipeg’s Efflo. I’ve featured them before a few times, and their new song, Horror Movie, is as beautifully different as ever (though the video should probably have an epilepsy warning).

I do have to laugh that they said at the beginning of the year their sound was going to become more positive, and this is what they’ve come out with. Not that I’m complaining — I love bleak music, and they’re masters of the form.