Song of the Month: Phantogram, When I’m Small

We have now entered my least favourite time of the year: Spring. A seeming eternity of gloom, rain, mud, and slush.

This puts me in mind of one of my favourite “rainy day” songs, When I’m Small by American trip hop duo Phantogram. Tell me you don’t think of rainy, dark days as you’re listening to this.

I’m not the biggest Phantogram fan, but this is a really lovely song. Dat bass.


Song of the Month: Metric, The Governess

Yes, it’s another Metric song already. Hey, they are my favourite band.

The Governess is my favourite song from Metric’s most recent album (Pagans in Vegas), and one of my all-time favourite Metric songs period. It’s a total throwback to their gloriously weird and spectacularly bleak early years, which was my favourite incarnation of Metric.

But that’s not why I’m sharing it now. I’m finally getting close to the end of writing the third book of Soulcleaver, and The Governess is my theme song for the character at the heart of this book. It fits him to a T.

When there was a wilderness,

I wandered wild and free.

Guilt, she is the governess

That guides me back to grieve.