Song of the Month: Chvrches, Get Out

I’ve said before that Metric is my favourite band, but Scotland’s Chvrches are a very close second. Metric wins by dint of a larger and more diverse catalogue. Metric’s changed their sound a lot over the years, with the end result being there’s a Metric song for every mood and occasion. Chvrches, by comparison, has more or less stuck to the same general sound from the get-go.

The upside of, of course, is that sound would probably best be described as “stunningly beautiful.”

There’s also the fact that their lead singer, Lauren Mayberry, is one of my all-time favourite humans. Aside from being brilliantly talented as a musician, she’s incredibly humble, charming, gracious, intelligent, and exceptional in most every way a person can be.

I remember when I saw them live a few years ago. Most bands I’ve seen will occasionally pause to talk to the audience a little, but Lauren was doing so after almost every song. She’d just chatter about anything, as if the roaring crowd was an old friend she was catching up with.

And that, I think, is also a lot of what makes their music special. Lauren’s somehow able to sing a song and make it feel like it’s directed at you personally. There is an intimacy — for lack of a better term — to Chvrches songs that I’ve never experienced with any other music.

I had a hell of a time trying to decide on which Chvrches song to share on my blog, but then they gave me an easy out. This month Chvrches released their first single from their upcoming third album, Love Is Dead.

Get Out maybe isn’t the best Chvrches song ever, but it’s still pretty fun. They don’t often disappoint.

I’m looking forward to the full album.


Song of the Month: Foster the People, Pay the Man

This month, I’ve picked a song from another of my all-time favourite bands, Foster the People. I was a little underwhelmed by their recent album as a whole, but one song is a great example of FtP at their best, and it is Pay the Man.

I resent Mark Foster. No one man should be allowed to be that handsome, likable, and talented. It’s unfair to those of us who are none of those things.