Song of the Month: The Tragically Hip, Fiddler’s Green

More Canadian content today. The most Canadian, in fact, for there can be no more quintessentially Canadian band than the Tragically Hip. I feel unpatriotic for not sharing one of their songs sooner.

With their massive catalogue, there’s any number of songs I could have picked, but perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve gone with one of the saddest, Fiddler’s Green. It was written for the nephew of the lead singer, who died young during the writing of this album.

I blame the time of year. I may be the only one who feels this way, but spring depresses me something fierce. The peace and beauty of winter are replaced by gloom, rain, mud, and misery, and I dread the coming of summer’s heat.

Of course, any Tragically Hip song now takes on a bittersweet tinge following the passing of the singer, the late great Gord Downie. I remember them playing Fiddler’s Green during their last ever show. Forget the house; there wasn’t a dry eye in the nation during that song.

Those of you in other countries who don’t know the Hip may think I’m exaggerating. I am not. There’s no way to adequately describe in a short blog post what this band and Gord Downie meant to Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself was in tears on national television when the news of Gord’s death broke, and absolutely no one in the country thought this was unreasonable.


Song of the Month: Arkells, Come to Light

I have no particular reason for posting this. It’s not a recent song. I’ve just been listening to it a lot lately.

The Arkells are a weird band for me. For most of their career, I didn’t much care for their work (Ballad of Hugo Chavez was okay, I guess). Then High Noon (the album this song is from) comes out, and I like almost everything off it. Then I again didn’t like most everything they put out after High Noon, up until the recent Rally Cry album, which I have been enjoying (though not as much as High Noon).

Amusing aside: I had a lot of trouble finding a version of this song to link because most of the YouTube videos were blocked in my country on copyright grounds. Which is hilarious when you consider the Arkells are a Canadian band…