Song of the Month: Metric, Now or Never Now

Come on, you didn’t really think I’d only feature one song from Metric’s new album for Song of the Month?

Aside from No Lights on the Horizon, the other big stand-out from Art of Doubt, at least in my opinion, is Now or Never Now. I normally consider myself somewhat “inspiration proof”; I look at other people who see stories of human triumph or powerful works of art and feel inspired and just shake my head in confusion. But Now or Never Now is a rare case of something that does inspire me. It’s the perfect song for where I am in my life right now.

One thing I love about most Metric songs is that while the lyrics are usually deep and meaningful, you can still appreciate the songs without paying attention to the lyrics. They work just as fun pieces of music.

Now or Never Now isn’t like that. This song really tells a story, and you need to pay attention to the lyrics to truly appreciate it. But damn, it’s worth it.

Also, this song is amazing live.

My one complaint is that the writer in me really wants to put a comma in the title. “Now or Never, Now” gets the point across much better.


Song of the Month: Bright September, Sleepless Lullaby

I imagine October is always going to put me in mind of The Secret World. It was perhaps my favourite game of all time, and it is inextricably tied to the Halloween season.

Halloween as an adult is a depressing affair. When you’re a kid, it’s this magical holiday you spend all year looking forward to. As an adult, it’s a Wednesday. But for a few years, through TSW, I was able to recapture a bit of the magic of Halloween. I will always treasure my memories of investigating Danny’s stories, and listening to radio dramas in graveyards, and summoning the Rider.

TSW may be gone, but I’ll always have the memories.

Given the link between the Secret World and the Halloween season, there’s only one song I could pick for Song of the Month for October.

Hello, I walk into empty.