Song of the Month: Dear Rouge, Gimme Spirit

Dear Rouge is one of those bands I’m always glad to see putting out new stuff. Their music is fun, and while admittedly I don’t know a whole lot about them, they’ve always given me the vibe of being very nice, wholesome people. I think the fact they’re a husband and wife team is cute.

Their latest single, Gimme Spirit, is about returning to their roots, and appropriately, it sounds like something that could have been on their first album. Like most of their stuff, it’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s nice, and it makes you feel good.

Song of the Month: Soccer Mommy, Shotgun

Last month I was so busy with Wyrd Street’s Indie Go Go that I neglected to post a Song of the Month, but we’re back now with my latest musical discovery. This is still me we’re talking about, so I’ve picked another melancholy tune, Shotgun by American singer-songwriter “Soccer Mommy.”

This song is my first time ever hearing her music, but based on this, I might have to see what else is in her catalogue. Solid stuff.