Song of the Month: Ferraro, You Look Good Like That

This song was a massive radio hit in my neck of the woods aways back. So much so that I got a bit burnt out on it. But that was a while ago now. I’m not sure what reminded me of this song, but when I started listening to it again, I was like, “Oh, yeah, it may have been over-exposed, but this is a pretty good song.”

Save Big with the Magical Spells Galore Bundle for Fantasy Grounds

Grim Press has launched a large scale bundle of magical themed options on Dungeon Masters Guild, dubbed Magical Spells Galore. It includes multiple books configured for the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop, at a discounted price.

Cover art for Reanimator, a new artificer specialization for Fifth Edition. Art by Mel Addams.This bundle includes the Ashen Grimoire, which contains all of my DMs Guild player options to date, including new options for sorcerer, warlock, artificer, and more.

Please note this bundle only contains files for use with Fantasy Grounds. If you want the PDF versions of the products in this bundle, they must be bought separately.