Is Blizzard Moving away from Narrative?

I’m generally pretty optimistic when it comes to video games (probably the only way in which I’m optimistic, especially after this week). However, recent events, and most especially this year’s BlizzCon, have gotten me worried as a fan of Blizzard Entertainment’s games, and their stories especially.

My demon hunter in World of Warcraft: LegionWhile it could just be a coincidence, I can’t escape the feeling that Blizzard as a company seems to be moving away from telling stories with its games lately.

Perhaps I’m simply being paranoid, but it seemed a thought worth giving voice to, so it became the topic of my latest article for MMO Bro. Head on over to read my thoughts on the apparent shift away from story in Blizzard’s games, and why it matters.

While you’re there, you could also check out my thoughts on the World of Warcraft announcements from this most recent BlizzCon.

For all its faults, at least WoW is still embracing its lore.

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