Song of the Month: Sc Mira, Free

Debuting a new segment on Superior Realities today. I’m stepping away from my usual sci-fi/fantasy/gaming purview to post a song once a month.

To be brutally honest, I’m mainly doing this because I want another option for low-effort posts. Working on my novels has been taking a lot of my energy, and while I don’t want to neglect my blog, I also don’t always have it in me to produce my traditional deep dive posts.

I also recognize that my musical taste makes most people’s ears bleed, hence limiting myself to one song per month. I’m also going to keep an eye on how these posts are received, and if it seems like people are indifferent or actively opposed to them, I may discontinue the series. Feedback is welcomed, positive or negative.

It will not necessarily be a recent song every time. It will just be something I enjoy and/or that suits my mood at that moment. I also don’t commit to doing it on any particular schedule beyond it being once per calendar month.

For the inaugural edition, I’ve chosen the song Free by the Winnipeg-based band Sc Mira (despite its unusual lack of punctuation, “Sc” is still pronounced as an abbreviation). I just discovered this band a few days ago, and I’m already totally obsessed. I love almost everything I’ve heard from them. They’re strange, but in a very good way.

Fair warning that there is a small amount of NSFW language in this song.

Maybe it’s just blind patriotism talking, but I really do think Canada has more musical talent per capita than any other country.

2 thoughts on “Song of the Month: Sc Mira, Free

  1. You could do “Song of the Week” for my money. I like the first tune. Going to check Sc Mira out a little further on YouTube later. Scary facial hair though…

    With a population of 36m, Canada would need to be turning out musical talent at almost double the rate of the UK, which I politely suggest is unlikely to be considered the case by almost any neutral observer, either contemporaneously or historically. If you want a country with a real shot at the “musical talent per capita” crown you might want to consider New Zealand. Population under 5m but they have produced more good bands over a 30+ year period than many countries ten times their size.

    I do find a lot of good stuff in the alt-folk-indie field coming out of Canada though. Always keen to hear about new ones.

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