Song of the Month: Monowhales, The Hand That Feeds

I’ve always had a pretty strong dislike of the music of Nine Inch Nails, but lately I’m starting to wonder if it’s just Trent Treznor’s singing I don’t like, as I seem to enjoy covers of their stuff by other singers.

First there was the Johnny Cash version of Hurt, but of course everyone loves that, and it’s quite different from the original. But now we’ve also got this take on The Hand That Feeds by Monowhales, and honestly it’s not that different from the original aside from the fact it’s Sally Shaar singing. And I really like it.

Song of the Month: Chvrches, Gun

I was once again having trouble picking a song this month, so I did “eenie meenie miny moe” on my computer’s music file (once to pick a band, and again to pick a song). Perhaps unsurprisingly, it landed on one of my favourite bands, whom I’ve already featured frequently, but at least on a song I haven’t posted before.

The video’s a bit silly, but Lauren’s eye-liner game is on-point (as always).