Meeting My IntPiPoMo Quota

The month is nearly at an end, and despite my best efforts, I find myself ten images short of my fifty picture quota for IntPiPoMo.

Rather than post my usual video game screenshots, I decided to take the opportunity to share an interest of mine that usually doesn’t come up on this blog: Simpsons memes.

It’s amazing the entire subculture that has sprung up around editing Simpsons captures into new gags, abstract art, or bizarre self-referencing in-jokes that no one outside the community could possibly get. I am far less talented than many of the more accomplished members of the community, but I have cobbled together a few memes of my own over the past year or so.

Let’s start with something all my MMO playing readers can appreciate:

I'm in alpha, Marge!A lot of my memes have been on a single theme. I spent a long time trying unsuccessfully to make Homer taunting the dolphin a meme trend, mainly because I think his face in that scene is hilarious.

One of my Simpsons memes.

None of those ever got much attention. I feel like the popularity of a meme is directly inverse to the amount of effort you put in. I spent nearly an hour painstakingly turning Moe into a dolphin, and it only got about twenty reacts, but this half-assed two panel that took me thirty seconds was my first meme to break 1,000 reactions:

One of my Simpsons memes, featuring a Futurama crossover.And then of course there’s the inevitable pop culture cross-overs:

I have other memes, but this is enough to meet my obligations for the month, and I think you’ve all suffered enough now.

Off Topic: A Year of Depression, Pictured

About a year ago I started using a mood tracker app. I hoped it might help me detect patterns in my moods that could help me change my habits towards promoting better mental health. In reality, I’m not sure it confirmed anything other than “bad days make me sad.”

But I do think looking at the big picture of the last year is an interesting illustration (quite literally) of what living with depression is like.

A graph of my moods for the period of one year.I’m not terribly interested in contextualizing particular peaks or valleys, but I do think this does a good job of demonstrating what I mean when I say depression shifts your whole emotional spectrum.

Obviously this graphic paints a fairly bleak picture of my life, but I think what’s truly disturbing is not how much time I spend at “bad” or “awful” but how little time I spend above “okay.” I reported my mood as “great” precisely once in an entire year.

I’m not sure I’m going to keep using this app. Looking at the big picture is just making me even more depressed.