Mass Effect: Andromeda Space Porn

Not the kind of porn you may have been looking for if you found this on Google. Sorry for the inconvenience.

One of many beautiful space scenes in Mass Effect: AndromedaThis post is not about porn in space, but porn of space. Mass Effect: Andromeda’s interstellar graphics are nothing short of breath-taking, and the game helpfully lets you hide the UI and explore all sorts of different camera angles from which to view the planets, stars, and stellar phenomena.

For a screenshot nut like me, this is basically crack, and I’ve developed an extensive collection of photos from my exploration of the Heleus Cluster. I now share the best of them with you.

There’s no plot spoilers here, but if you’re really passionate about exploring, you may prefer to stumble on these vistas yourself.

More gorgeous space scenery in Mass Effect: Andromeda


New Banner, New Article

Given recent events, I didn’t really like having so many references to The Secret World in my blog’s banner. Too many unhappy memories. Plus I’m probably way overdue for a new banner anyway.

So, yeah, new banner. Whatcha think? It’s a lot simpler than the last one, partly out of a desire to do something different and partly due to my lackluster photo manipulation skills.

Try not to read anything into the fact this is the first time in my blog’s history the banner hasn’t referenced an MMO in some way.

Feedback welcomed. I’m not married to it and could always come up with something else if people don’t like it.

In other news, I’ve had another new article published at MMO Bro. This one deals with character stats and whether they’re actually serving any purpose. It’s a long-standing pet peeve of mine.