Song of the Month: Meg Myers, Numb

If you watch the YouTube videos for Meg Myers’ songs, you’ll see a lot of comments along the lines of, “How did I not know about her before now?!?!” Add me to that chorus.

After hearing a few of her songs on the radio, I decided to check her out in more detail, and proceeded to discover that she’s been around for nearly ten years and has produced almost nothing but absolute bangers the whole time. With a voice like this, it’s a wonder she’s not a household name.

Captain Snowmane’s Hits Copper

Just a quick note that I now have my first copper bestseller badge on Dungeon Masters Guild. Captain Snowmane’s Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread hit the mark a few days ago.

A preview image for Belissia, the Domain of Toxic Positivity, included in Captain Snowmane's Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread.On that note, Captain Snowmane’s is now also available as part of a discounted bundle with Van Richten’s Pocketbook to Ravenloft, another collection featuring yet more Domains of Dread, as well as several new player options.