Smashwords Author Interview + New RotOG Review

Smashwords has this neat new future where it can give you an automated interview drawing from a pre-determined list of questions. I decided to give it a whirl, answering ten questions on my books and my life as a writer.

Smashwords Interview with Tyler F.M. Edwards (AKA me)

It should give you some insight into me as a person and what makes me tick as a writer.

…I apologize in advance.

New Rage of the Old Gods review:

In other news, Tammy Dewhurst of Rabid Readers has taken the time to sit down and review Rage of the Old Gods. She has a few criticisms but found the book enjoyable overall.

Click through to read her review

Remember, I’m always looking for more people to review my books. If you’d like a free copy to review, send me a message via my contact page. Include a link to the blog, website, or social media profile you’ll be posting the review at.

Also, if you’ve already read my books, please remember to post reviews of them on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, or anywhere else you can think of. Every little bit helps.

2 thoughts on “Smashwords Author Interview + New RotOG Review

  1. I enjoyed the “interview” – it always adds something to know a bit about the author if one enjoys their book(s.)

    I’m not a writer so if one wants to discuss literary formalism well…that wouldn’t be me.

    What I can talk about though, is when I read your books I get very clear images of the worlds/people you create with words.

    I’m not talking about merely an illustrative picture reproducing text descriptions. When I read about Automatons I don’t see simply “robots” constructed by defaulting to pop culture.

    I’m talking about something beyond that – something much more “complicated” as it’s an all-encompassing image that is greater than the sum of its parts.

    And that, my young friend, is the difference between simply a good story and art.

    • That’s very kind of you say. I think you now have a higher opinion of my work than I do. I never though of what I do as art, nor is that my goal. I just write dumb stories about a crazy girl who beats up robots. I just want readers to have fun.

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