Blizzard Trademarks “Heroes of the Storm”

The plot thickens again.

According to a post on MMO-Champion, Blizzard has just filed a trademark application for “Heroes of the Storm” in New Zealand. This is seemingly in keeping with their new habit of filing trademarks in odd places in an attempt to keep them secret. I believe “Reaper of Souls” was first trademarked somewhere in Africa.

My monk endures a snowstorm in Kun-Lai Summit in World of WarcraftCould this be the next World of Warcraft expansion? History has taught me not to make definitive statements, but I’m going to take a guess and say it’s not likely.

I’m still a believer in The Dark Below. Perhaps the fact I want an ocean expansion is biasing me, but that sounds more like a WoW expansion title to me. Expansion titles to date have generally had a feeling of mystery or peril to them. Heroes of the Storm sounds too “ra-ra” to me.

Yes, I may be reaching.

However, there is another possibility. Some have suggested this may be a new title for Blizzard All-Stars. I think that may be our answer.

First of all, Heroes of the Storm is an excellent name for MOBA. Secondly, several of Blizzard’s artists operate a site called “Sons of the Storm,” where they collect their art for Blizzard games, as well as some personal projects. Since All-Stars was supposed to include characters from all three Blizzard game franchises, there’s an obvious similarity to the purpose of Sons of the Storm.

The official logo for Blizzard EntertainmentPlus, they’ve already changed the game’s name once already. It’s gone from Blizzard DOTA to Blizzard All-Stars. What’s another change? They’ve also done a total overhaul of the game to make it a standalone title rather than a mod for StarCraft II, so a name change would make sense under such circumstances.

And let’s be honest: Blizzard All-Stars was always a pretty lame title.

For the sake of argument, though, let’s say it is a WoW expansion. What might it be about?

A lot of fans are saying it could be a Burning Legion expansion, arguing that fire raining from the sky could qualify as a storm.

I think this is pure wishful thinking, though. People are so desperate for a Legion expansion they’ll take any hint as proof of one. Storm terminology has never been associated with the Legion that I can recall, so it seems a stretch.

Storms in Warcraft lore are generally connected to either Titans or shamanism. Cataclysm was a shamanism expansion, so if Heroes of the Storm is a WoW expansion, my bet is that it would be on a Titan theme. Didn’t Wrathion say something about rebuilding the final Titan?

My warlock confronts Thorim in UlduarWe have done quite a lot of Titan-related stuff over the last three expansions, though, so it’s difficult to imagine an entire expansion focused on them that wouldn’t feel redundant.

What say you? Is Heroes of the Storm a WoW expansion, the new name for All-Stars, a hoax, or something else altogether? If it is an expansion, what might it be about?

6 thoughts on “Blizzard Trademarks “Heroes of the Storm”

  1. /equip tinfoil hat
    Heroes of the Storm could be a red herring. Actually, The Dark Below could be a red herring too. They are all red herrings! I think I read over at WoW Insider that so far there haven’t been any major “leaks” for the next expansion. Maybe Blizzard is paying them to say that so it’s another red herring? Everyone knows MMO Champion is the king of red herrings.
    /un-equip tinfoil hat
    I think your theory about the All-Stars thing sounds reasonable.
    Suddenly I’m hungry for fish…

  2. I think you’re spot on the money. Blizzard All-Stars is a ridiculously lame title (and I think Blizzard felt insulted that people really thought that was the name and not just a “working title”), and this is a much more appropriate name for a MOBA.

    However, now with Hearthstone in the mix of games, it could also be a name for themed card packs. Heck, this could be true of even The Dark Below, which could also be a Diablo 3 expansion, too. Also wouldn’t be surprised if they threw in a bunch of red-herrings, too.

    • Hearthstone is a possibility that can’t be ruled out. Considering it’s not even out of beta yet, it seems a bit early for named expansions to be in the works, though.

      The odds of TBD being related to D3 are incredibly low now that Reaper of Souls has been announced.

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