Children of the Gods Soundtrack, Part Two

We now come to the second installment of my soundtrack for Children of the Gods. These songs will take us on a rollercoaster ride of hope and despair, covering events up to and including chapter fourteen, “The Promise.”

There will be spoilers. I’m trying to keep them vague, but there’s only so much I can do.

5: The Predator:

“The greatest tragedy of war is that it debases all it touches.”

As the war progresses, Leha finds herself slipping into the darkest aspects of her personality. She becomes a predator consumed by the need to slaughter all who stand in her way. To accompany her fall into this dark persona, I’ve chosen the intro music for Myth II’s “Landing at Whitefalls” mission. Grim and menacing, it captures Leha’s methodical brutality.

6: Redemption:

In humanity’s darkest hour, there comes one single source of hope. A man who could offer a chance of redemption not only for the monsters created by the Arcanids, but for the rest of humankind, as well.

I chose the Elwynn Forest soundtrack from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm as Zuruk’s theme. It’s a tranquil song that gives one the feeling there’s always hope for a better tomorrow, even in the darkest times.

7: Humanity Falls Silent:

But just as there seems to hope after all, disaster strikes. With one terrible miscalculation, the human cause is crushed, and the Arcanids stand triumphant.

Though it’s used for what is theoretically a happy scene, I’ve always found An End Once and for All from the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack to be an incredibly tragic-sounding piece, so it’s my choice for the moment when all of humanity falls silent.

8: The Promise:

All is lost. It’s all over. Humanity has fallen.

Only a handful remain free, Leha among them. She wishes to end her life, and the pain with it. But she cannot shirk her duty. And so she and her few remaining companions make one promise, one pledge to press on for the human cause no matter how hopeless it seems.

My choice of song for this moment is the intro music for “Gate of Storms” from Myth II. It’s a bleak and morose song, but there’s the subtle hint of hope at the end. The battle is lost, but the war goes on.

* * *

Stay tuned for the final installment of the Children of the Gods sountrack, featuring a number of songs from World of Warcraft and a bonus track all the way from Iceland.

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