SWTOR: Thus Always to Traitors

After the disappointment of the last patch, I went into The Nathema Conspiracy with pretty low expectations. Thankfully, that allowed me to come away actually feeling pretty pleased, even though the story has its flaws.

A grim statue in the Nathema Conspiracy flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old RepublicThe main problem is that the two big plot reveals/changes to come out of this are really easy to see coming (especially since one is spoiled by the rewards in the quest log) and feel like cop-outs.

But I will grant the writers’ choices aren’t entirely without merit. I went into the flashpoint full of fire and fury, but this turned out to be one of the only times in my entire history with the game I’ve genuinely regretted a dark side choice. I think that shows that the story had some real emotional weight to it.

As for the other Big News, it definitely feels, again, like a cop-out, but I can’t say I have a better idea for how to progress the story. They had kind of painted themselves into a corner. It reminds me of the ending to Dragon Soul, actually. Not an amazing ending, but perhaps the best they could have managed.

And those issues aside, Nathema Conspiracy felt like a much stronger patch than A Traitor Among the Chiss or Crisis on Umbara. It’s still a bit shallower than I’d like, but there’s definitely more and better story content here than in the earlier patches. Despite some rather thin development leading up to now, it did feel like a very epic and intense conclusion to this particular arc.

I was especially impressed by how much the graphical fidelity of this game continues to improve. There’s some beautiful lighting effects in the new environments.

The Nathema Conspiracy flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old RepublicI did enjoy the twist around Zildrog’s true identity, as well. That was one thing I didn’t see coming, but in retrospect, it makes perfect sense.

In terms of mechanics, it’s a standard SWTOR flashpoint. It’s too long, there’s way too much trash, and the bosses are HP sponges. But at least it’s not half as bad as Copero was.

In the end I think my favourite part of the patch may have been the quiet character moments with Lana at the end. I was definitely not expecting this to be a major patch as far as romance content goes, but I’m not complaining.

Honestly, at this point, I think Lana is the main thing that’s keeping me playing SWTOR. I don’t love the setting, and I’ve never much liked the gameplay, but as long as Lana’s there, I will be too. I’ve really come to enjoy her character.

I am having pangs of regret now that Vector’s back, though. I’m not sure I’ll ever have the courage to do his Alliance Alert. I don’t think I have it in me to break his heart like that.

Poor, poor Vector.


Honest Names for SWTOR Companions

My journey through SWTOR’s class stories is now complete, and one of the things that really made that experience memorable was meeting such a large and colourful cast of companions.

The ending of the Jedi consular story in Star Wars: The Old RepublicIn that time, I also came up with an equally colourful roster of nicknames for my companions, and I thought it might be amusing to share them with the world.

…I’m so out of post ideas, guys.

Imperial agent:

  • The one that’s going to smother you in your sleep
  • Bug Boy
  • Space Jekyll
  • Ensign Sexy Accent
  • The other one that’s going to smother you in your sleep

Jedi consular:

  • Gorn Michaels
  • Tharan and the Real Girl
  • Arcturus Mengsk
  • Actually okay
  • “Senpai noticed me!”

Sith inquisitor:

  • Hungry Hungry Horror
  • Steve Blum
  • “I hate you but I’ll do whatever you say for some reason.”
  • Sir Crumpets McBritish IV Esq.
  • Who?

Sith warrior:

  • Life is better where it’s Vette-r
  • [Choke him]
  • Two! Two companions for the price of one!
  • “Goon.” “Who?” “Hired Goon.”
  • Murder Bear


  • Grumpy Cat
  • The only good thing about the trooper story
  • Murica Bot 4000
  • Sergeant Sleazewad
  • Marty McFly


  • Charles Tucker III
  • Totally not Chewbacca
  • Princess Playa
  • Mandasnorian
  • “You never even finished Jedi school.”

Jedi knight:

  • Microwave Mary Sue
  • Tough Girl
  • Dr. Nick Riviera
  • Sergeant Killbot
  • Sith Happens

Bounty hunter:

  • Five
  • Miguel Sanchez
  • Drywall: The Person
  • Tychus Findlay