My New Gig at Massively Overpowered

A short post today, as I am quite busy as of late, but there is an important development I wish to notify you all of.

The trials of the Fortress of Dawn in AnthemIf you’re a regular reader of Massively Overpowered (I still want to call it just “Massively,” like the old days), you might have already noticed this, but I’ve now joined their staff as a columnist. I’ll be heading up the Not So Massively column, published every other Monday. In it, I’ll be covering online games that aren’t quite full fledged MMORPGs, like Anthem or Diablo.

Since MOP is already such a well-known site, I don’t plan to link every article I do for them here, but I will direct you to my introductory column. It should give you an idea of where I’m coming from.

As neither site is opposed to my working other jobs, I will be continuing to write for MMO Bro. I also plan to continue posting here at Superior Realities, though it’s possible working for MOP might further slow my already anemic posting schedule

I’d like to thank Bree and the rest of the MOP team for giving me this opportunity. I’ve wanted to write for MOP for a very long time — this wasn’t my first application to them — and it’s a bit surreal finally seeing my name in digital print on the site.

It’s also a bit scary, but… well, just got to deal with that.

Now, I’d better get to work planning my next column.

5 thoughts on “My New Gig at Massively Overpowered

  1. Congrats! You’re off to a good start with a pretty great introductory article. It makes sense to cover games massive numbers of people are playing together, though they’re not traditional MMOs.

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