Warcraft Film: Deleted Scenes Thoughts

I’ll be upfront here, guys: I don’t have a lot to say about this. I just wanted an excuse to talk about the Warcraft movie some more.

A deleted scene from the Warcraft filmRecently I picked it up on DVD, and I took the time to watch through all the deleted scenes. I know that over forty minutes of footage was cut from the theatrical release, and much as I enjoyed the movie, it definitely suffered for it. Like many people, I had hoped for a director’s cut, but I suppose the deleted scenes are the next best thing.

So did they change my view of the movie? Kind of, maybe?

Firstly it needs to be said I don’t think the DVD contains all of the deleted content. It took me less than half an hour to watch it all, so the math doesn’t add up.

It’s also a bit hard to judge things when the scenes are all out of context. Some don’t have all their special effects done, either, which is distracting.

There are also some scenes that probably deserved to be deleted. I didn’t need to see anymore of Garona and Lothar’s relationship, and the bit with Khadgar being all edgy to Antonidas didn’t add much. Actually I rather object to Antonidas being portrayed as some spineless politician. He’s supposed one of the truest heroes of the Alliance, a man of vision and principle.

But there are quite a few scenes that I wish could have been included in the theatrical cut. For the most part they’re not big or dramatic scenes, but quieter moments that flesh out the characters and the world. There are some cut scenes from Draenor that add some further depth to the Orcs, on a cultural and individual level.

Grom Hellscream in a deleted scene from the Warcraft filmAs a fan, I really enjoyed getting to see more of Ironforge, and Stormwind, and hearing Grom Hellscream actually talk. It’s also a real shame Chris Metzen’s cameo didn’t make it into the theatrical cut.

I think smaller scenes like this add a real texture to the movie, make the world and its inhabitants feel more real. It’s unfortunate they were excluded from the theatrical version.

Otherwise, my feelings on the Warcraft film remain largely unchanged. It’s got flaws, but its strengths outweigh them — same as every other part of the franchise, really. I still think Garona and Gul’dan totally stole the show, while the human characters were merely adequate — I must admit my patience for movie Lothar wore thin on second viewing. I still love the soundtrack, and it’s still a thrill to see Azeroth brought to life so vividly.

If you’re wondering whether the DVD is worth picking up for the extras, I would say yes, but then again I’m the eternal fanboy when it comes to Warcraft, so I guess take my opinion with a grain of salt.

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