Things I Love About Things I Hate

As promised, I now present the second half of my series attempting to bring a nuanced view to my passions. Previously, I looked at the terrible flaws of things I otherwise enjoy. Today, we’ll be looking at unexpected strengths of things I otherwise dislike.

To be fair, not all of these are things I actually hate. Some are just things I’m indifferent to or underwhelmed by.

Deep Space Nine: Sisko and Dax

Jadzia Dax and Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space NineIt is no secret I have no love for Deep Space Nine. It is by a wide margin my least favourite Star Trek spin-off.

Yet even this debacle of a series has its strengths. Namely, Sisko and Dax.

Even despite my dislike for the series as a whole, I would rate Sisko as my second favourite Trek captain, only narrowly behind Picard and significantly ahead of Archer. He has nearly the same level of strength, dignity, and grandeur as Picard while also embodying a great deal of warmth and humanity.

Dax, meanwhile, stands as a breath of fresh air compared to how bland Star Trek’s aliens usually are. Too often Trek treated aliens as either humans with bumpy foreheads or else bland, one-dimensional archetypes with no real personality.

Dax stands as a rare case of a character who feels convincingly non-human yet also like a complete and multifaceted person. I find the blending of personalities found in joined Trill endlessly fascinating, and I deeply regret that the only way for me to learn more about them is to wade through the misery that is Deep Space Nine.

To be fair, Bashir ain’t half bad, either.

Star Wars: The universe

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars: The Force AwakensStar Wars is definitely not something that I hate, but I think it’s clear by now I’m not a fan. Yet there is still much about it that appeals.

The setting of Star Wars is fascinating. It’s a mythic story, essentially a fairytale, transplanted into a gritty sci-fi setting. That’s a very odd idea, yet it works incredibly well. Everything about Star Wars has this wonderful, exotic grandiosity, and there’s incredible potential in the depth and scale of the universe that has been built for it.

In fact, much of my gripes about Star Wars stem from how poorly they make use of that potential. It could be so much more than repetitive, shallow conflicts between one-dimensional hero archetypes and even more one-dimensional caricatures of evil.

And lightsabers are just about the coolest thing ever. Well, next to Elves.

Marvel Heroes: The voice-overs

Marvel Heroes has the dubious distinction of being one of the very few MMOs I’ve tried that I found genuinely unpleasant to play. Just slogging through enough of it to be able to write an informed article was a horrid chore.

A cartoon cutscene from Marvel Heroes featuring ElektraBut credit where credit is due: That game has great voice-acting. Much like Heroes of the Storm, it’s full of incidental dialogue, and it adds a lot of fun and flavour to the game. I particularly liked Storm and Thor trash-talking each other over who could command thunder better.

And the voice-overs are of a pretty high quality. All of the actors nail their parts quite well.

WildStar: Housing

My feelings toward player-housing in MMOs are at best lukewarm, but if every MMO with player housing treated it like WildStar does, I might change my tune.

To my view, there are two fatal flaws that tend to afflict most player housing systems. One is that they’re too much work, being limited to endgame characters and/or requiring a lot of effort to build the house you want, and the other is that they rarely provide any significant practical benefit. What’s the point of spending hours designing your virtual dream home if you never have a reason to visit it?

WildStar neatly solves both those problems. It allows players to earn their own homes very early on, and it doesn’t take much effort to get enough items to give your home your own flair. It also makes housing useful by offering crafting nodes and other bonuses for having an in-game abode.

A space mission in WildStarAnd of course it does all this while also offering incredible customization potential to make the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Mine was full of books. Whoda thunkit?

Orphan Black: Felix

Orphan Black is one of the things on this list that I definitely don’t hate, but the fact remains it wasn’t interesting enough to keep me watching past the first season.

I do miss Felix, though. Man, Felix was the best. I still often think back on many of his scenes and smile. Particularly that time he was bumming drugs off Alison in the bathroom.



Abramsverse Trek: Zachary Quinto’s Spock

Zachary Quinto as Spock in Star TrekI think my feelings on what JJ Abrams has done to Star Trek are well known by now. I deeply regret paying to see the first one in the theater.

But there was one saving grace to the experience: Zachary Quinto.

I’ve never been fond of the image of Vulcans as soulless automatons. I much prefer Enterprise’s take: a simmering cauldron of furious passion barely held in check.

Zachary Quinto captured this masterfully. Much as I disliked that movie as a whole, the scene where he finally snaps and tries to strangle Kirk was absolutely brilliant.

And I’m not just saying that because I spent the whole movie wanting to strangle Kirk.

Diablo II: Ambiance

Diablo II is the source of a lot of my long-running gripes with the RPG genre, but if there’s one thing that game nailed, it was ambiance.

From the music to the sound effects to the voice acting, everything about the game was just so eerie and spooky. It was a game where venturing forth into the wilds took a genuine degree of courage.

I really wish more games could offer this level of creepiness. It allows the player to feel so much more heroic.

Well, there’s always The Secret World.

4 thoughts on “Things I Love About Things I Hate

  1. Man Zachary Quinto stole the ST2.0 show. But don’t understand how anyone could not like JJ’s reboot of Start Treck! Great story,pacing,humour,introduction of characters. And it should have damn well won the Academy Award for sound because the atmospheric sound effects were outstanding.

    Housing – well Black Desert Online is my new ideal, although it may fall a little short of the EQ2 housing for some due to the lack of art asset combining that allowed so much customization.

  2. Really? I also can’t understand why somebody could have a problem with JJ taking a well made universe, with ethos and history, and make a movie about college kids in space out of that…

  3. Interesting! I agree with you about Star Wars to an extent. The worldbuilding is so incredible, but the films have never been my favorites. However, I think I do enjoy the Star Wars stories more than you do, even though they are extremely good-and-evil caricature-y (which is no my favorite either).

    Anyway, I love Deep Space Nine but despite our differences there, it is cool to read your thoughts on Sisko and Dax! I agree that they are great characters, and Dax is an intriguing take on an alien. Her depth comes from these other lives she’s taken on, and it’s a lot of fun seeing how that has shaped her (and even see her interacting with her past selves, etc.).

    • Yeah, the many lives of Dax and how that affects her is really fascinating. Not seen anything quite like it in fiction*, and when you’re as well read as I am, that’s saying something. I may not like DS9, but I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Dax.

      *(Although now that I think about, Lilith in The Secret World is a little similar, albeit a much darker and more twisted take on the idea. But Dax did it first.)

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