The Dark Below Predictions

Recently, I shared my list of what I would like to see from the next WoW expansion. Today, I’ll bring you my guesses for what will actually happen, via my latest article for WhatMMO.

Predictions for WoW: The Dark Below

The breach in Vashj'ir during the Elemental Bonds quest chainI’d add some extra commentary or a witty quip here, but I have the flu, and resisting the urge to keel over and die is taking up pretty much all of my energy. My apologies.

How about you? What are you expecting to see revealed at November’s Blizzcon?

4 thoughts on “The Dark Below Predictions

  1. Considering all we know right now (essentially very little to nothing) your predictions sound reasonable.
    I would be surprised at another underwater zone since I don’t believe Vashj’ir was too popular, and they did scrap the underwater raid. Well, maybe an area or two but not an entire expansion. I didn’t mind Vashj’ir but one zone was plenty enough for me.

    Risen continent/islands sounds likely and could be interesting – the whole “Atlantis/Old Gods” thing would be fun. Considering how Blizzard likes everyone to take the bus for a new expansion, island hopping might be a problem unless there are a lot of boats…

    Yeah, I’d have to agree about adding a 4th spec instead of a new race/class. Perhaps at this point players would prefer updated models and an extended ability to play what they’ve got at the moment.

    Probably not going to see a new race/class. I don’t know what it is about the Monk class – I have one still stuck at level 60. It’s actually fun to play and I don’t dislike it, I just can’t seem to get motivated to get her to 90.

    I honestly don’t think we’re going to see player housing for a while – if ever (e.g. Dance Studio.) Maybe in a very limited implementation like the ranch, but I don’t see anything bigger working like player-constructed cities. Not a technological issue, more a player issue. Can you honestly see today’s player cooperating enough to build a city? It’s tough enough to get them to work together in LFR…

    Personally I would like my own little house to customize or even expanding the ranch house a bit would be fine for me. I just wouldn’t want to see WoW “de-evolve” into another “Second Life” or something 😛

    I can’t go to Blizzcon, but I got the digital ticket. Can’t wait to see what the announcement will be (and get my pet!)

    • I think the problem with monks is that they don’t really feel like a new class. They’re basically Rogues 2: Pandaren Boogaloo. That and most people are pretty sick of leveling at this point. Even with the enlightenment buff, leveling from 1-90 is pretty daunting. Add to that how alt-unfriendly MoP is…

      Although for what it’s worth, I did finally get my monk to 90. I’ve been tanking LFR with her.

      I don’t see open world player housing or player cities ever happening in WoW. But instanced player housing like in Rift or Aion? Could definitely happen. It was actually planned to be a launch feature of the game back in beta, but it got put on the back burner.

      I’m too cheap for a digital ticket. I’m gonna settle with camping WoW Insider and MMO-Champion.

      • Yes, I remember reading on the Rogues forum that Monks have all the nice stuff Rogues should have had and they’re not happy about it. I switched my Monk to Brewmaster for leveling and it’s a blast, so I’ll have to go back and try again. Maybe I’ll even try tanking 😉 Throwing beer kegs at bosses? Hell Yes!

        The last few patch updates are a lot more alt-friendly now. I got my little Warrior from 1-90 in a week. Exp quests in Pandaland are noticeably higher now, and of course, the horrible dailies rep grinds can be skipped completely with the Timeless Isle gear drops.

        Sure, he’s still squishy for Timeless Isle even with the 494 gear, but I’m guessing that’s an issue between the player and the keyboard 😀

        Yes, we’re just exchanging dailies for pure grinding in Timeless Isle right now but I’m hopeful Blizzard will someday find a balance between the two.

      • It’s not even so much a matter of monks having buffs — from a strict gameplay standpoint, they’re not much more powerful than rogues, if at all — but just a lot of refinements and quality of life adjustments. Rogues want combo points off the targets? Monks got it. Rogues want cooler ability animations? Don’t got time for that; team spent all their time making monks look awesome.

        True, MoP is a lot more alt friendly now, but for most of the expansion, it was pretty brutal for those trying to play more than one toon, so I think that hurt monk representation a fair bit.

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