What Happens When I’m Bored + Review: Sanctuary, “Homecoming”

What Happens When I’m Bored:

It’s that dull period before a major content patch where there’s nothing left to do but wait. And when I’m bored, I start doing silly things to pass the time.

Like play my death knight for the first time since Wrath, only to remember the only thing I really liked about that character was the Tauren emotes.Dance, cow, dance!Or just waste time chatting with friends.My rogue chatting with her ghostly skull companionOr perhaps stage a coup d’etat of Orgrimmar.Burn, Hellscream, burn!My mage surveying his new domainWhose eyes are on who now, bitch?

Review: Sanctuary, “Homecoming”

So remember how in my last Sanctuary review, I said this was a very consistent season I’ve enjoyed every episode of? Yeah, about that…Sanctuary logo“Homecoming” is an example of Sanctuary at its most mediocre. The main storyline follows a pair of brain-dead, yammering Abnormal con artists trying to hoodwink Magnus and company into aiding in their nefarious scheme — which turns out to not be so nefarious after all. I’ve seen worse from Sanctuary, but this was definitely not my idea of an entertaining story.

There is also a plot following Will, who is badly injured on a mission to aid a sanctuary in a lawless African nation and proceeds to suffer through several morphine-induced flashbacks to his childhood.

This plot does have some merit, but it would have made more sense had this been the first season. At this stage of the game, establishing backstory for a central character feels unnecessary, especially since we already know Will’s history pretty well. We know he had a rotten childhood; we don’t need to be told again.

Overall rating: 5.3/10 Not terrible, and they’ve done worse, but definitely a very mediocre and forgettable episode.

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