On DMs Guild: The Dark Shepherd and Halloween Sales

My latest original subclass, the Dark Shepherd warlock patron, is now live on Dungeon Masters Guild.

Cover art for the Dark Shepherd, a new warlock patron for 5E available on Dungeon Masters Guild.Dark Shepherd patrons seek out the lost, the outcast, and the corrupted and offer them safety and a chance for redemption in the twilit spaces of the realms. It is the third (and final?) player option I’ve published inspired by my character in Curse of Strahd. If Demonic Bloodline represents her past and Pact of the Coven her present, the Dark Shepherd is what I see as her ultimate destiny.

To celebrate the spooky season, The Dark Shepherd is 50% from now until November 1st using the following link: https://www.dmsguild.com/browse.php?discount=9a565783f0

You can also acquire The Dark Shepherd alongside my other subclasses at a discounted rate via the Ashen Grimoire bundle.

The Guild is also hosting its own site-wide Halloween sale, and many projects I’ve worked on are discounted, including Captain Snowmane’s Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread and the Reanimator Artificer.

Captain Snowmane’s Hits Copper

Just a quick note that I now have my first copper bestseller badge on Dungeon Masters Guild. Captain Snowmane’s Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread hit the mark a few days ago.

A preview image for Belissia, the Domain of Toxic Positivity, included in Captain Snowmane's Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread.On that note, Captain Snowmane’s is now also available as part of a discounted bundle with Van Richten’s Pocketbook to Ravenloft, another collection featuring yet more Domains of Dread, as well as several new player options.