I Guess It’s not Fan Art if I Paid for It?

Still cool, though.

Recently I commissioned the very talented Mel Addams, whom I met on The Secret World’s official forums, to do a sketch of the heroine from my World Spectrum novels, Leha, the Hero of Heart.

I gotta say, it turned out pretty well (click for full size):

Leha, the Hero of Heart, star of my World Spectrum novelsI really like the claws.

This is actually the second sketch Mel has done for me; some years ago, they also did a sketch of some characters from one of my unpublished works, and it also turned out brilliantly.

I would definitely encourage everyone to check out Mel’s Tumblr to see more of their work (mostly TSW fan art), and if you have anything you’d like to see drawn, get in touch with them. They’re quite good, their prices are reasonable, and they’re a pretty friendly and pleasant person in general.

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