Review: Dark Matter, “Take the Shot” + New Writing

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

The logo for Dark MatterMaybe some do, but the Raza‘s apparently dreams of a house in the woods.

Androids don’t normally dream, though, and Sally’s not the only one having visions. Two, Three, and Four find themselves tormented by hallucinations from their past.

All this puts the focus squarely on Sally and her abnormal behaviour. The program she initiated to judge her own actions is reactivated, and it paints a grim picture of Sally’s “malfunctions.”

The crew begins to question their faith in her — with the exception of Five, who remains as fiercely loyal as ever. As the ship’s problems escalate, the crew begins to contemplate extreme solutions.

The point of “Take the Shot” seems to be similar to that of the last episode. That is, they’re trying to show the bond that’s developed between the Raza crew members. It’s not quite as effective in that goal as “Going Out Fighting” was, though.

The crew seems too quick to shift from one extreme to another when it comes to their view of Sally. There’s no consistency, and it can feel a bit forced.

Zoie Palmer as the android on Dark MatterI think the idea was to show the crew coming to fully accept Sally as an equal, but in practice it almost feels like the opposite is true. It seems more like they’re grudgingly acknowledging that they need her. There’s little feeling of genuine warmth to it.

I’m almost wondering if Sally might be better off without her human companions. They don’t seem to care about her anywhere near as much as she cares about them.

Again, Five is of course the exception. She spends the entire episode fighting tooth and nail for her mechanical friend. At this point I’m struggling to imagine how Five could get any more lovable.

I was also hoping that we might get some reveals as to how Sally came to be the way she is, but the mystery remains unanswered.

I appreciate what they were going for, and I like that Sally is getting more time in the spotlight, but it could have been handled better.

I still think it’s awesome seeing Anne Mroczkowski on this show, though.

Overall rating: 7.1/10

New writing:

I’ve had a few more articles published at MMO Bro over the last few weeks. I’ve compared popular Eastern and Western MMOs, looked at terms only true MMORPG fans understand, and examined why reputation grinds suck and how to fix them.

Also, if you missed my last post, I’ve posted my first new short story in a while. I’d appreciate any feedback you might have.

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