World Spectrum: New Cast Photos, Courtesy of Black Desert Online

As mentioned in my previous post on the game, my main reason for picking up the free trial for Black Desert Online was to use its famed character creator to build new recreations of the cast of my World Spectrum novels, as I did in Aion. I now bring you the fruits of that labour.

You can click the images to view them full size. Please note that I was not able to get around to every cast member, due to a combination of time constraints and the game’s oddly limited options for male characters.

I’ve also updated the cast photos page on the World Spectrum site to include extensive galleries of each character, drawing from both Aion and Black Desert.

Finally, I still have the character creation templates, so if any Black Desert players out there would like to play as my novel characters, you can. Just send me a message via my contact page.


BD Leha 4Leha turned out pretty well. I’m especially pleased that I was able to give her indigo pupils, as she has in the books.

BD Leha 9She is a little more mature-looking than I’d like, but it’s okay as long as we imagine this is Leha around the time of Human Again, rather than Leha as she appears in book one.

BD Leha 7Natoma:

Natoma, created via Black Desert Online's character creatorNatoma is one of the biggest success stories of this entire endeavour. Her Black Desert incarnation is a nearly perfect match for how I imagine her.

BD Natoma 7I’m especially pleased with how well her hair turned out, as both the style and colour are somewhat unusual.

BD Natoma 3Prince Tyrom:

BD Tyrom 4On the other hand, I’m not very happy with how Tyrom turned out. He’s much more of a beefcake than he ought to be. I guess somewhere between this and his Aion version is the ideal.

BD Tyrom 2On the plus side, his face turned out okay. I think I captured his personality, even if he’s a less than perfect match to the exact details of how I imagined him.


BD Eranna 7Eranna’s hairstyle isn’t quite right. She should just have the braid in the back, not the extra two upfront. Otherwise, she turned out well.

BD Eranna 8Breena:

Breena, sorceress of the Northern Clans, recreated via Black Desert Online's character creatorAlong with Natoma, Breena is the other home run. This is pretty much exactly how she appears in my head.

BD Breena 8The one nit I can pick is that she should have more freckles. This is as freckly as the game would let me make her.

BD Breena 4The next generation:

This character represents a significant spoiler for Rage of the Old Gods and a very minor spoiler for the short story Living for the Future, so read on at your own peril (though the pictures shouldn’t be a problem — they’ll simply lack context).

* * *

BD Abiri 6This is Abiri Tor Lannis, the daughter of Yarnig and Natoma, now all grown up. I wasn’t entirely happy with her Aion incarnation, but this version turned out better. Her face isn’t 100% right, but the difference from how I imagine her is subtle enough that I’m hard-pressed to even define what’s wrong. As with her mother, I was very pleased to be able get her hair style and colour right.BD Abiri 4

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