Cheating on WoW: Guild Wars 2 Revisited

Ah, Guild Wars 2. There’s a game I have an odd history with.

My thief taking a rest in the tropics in Guild Wars 2It was a rare case of my drinking the hype Kool Aid before launch. Once it finally did release, I hopped on the bandwagon immediately, and I had a great time… for about three months.

The game lost its luster quickly. Despite its many merits, some major stumbles drove me away from the game, and once I started on The Secret World, Guild Wars 2 faded into my rear view mirror.

But it’s always been in the back of my mind. My fond memories of the game taunt me, and I did get very attached to my characters in my time with the game. I’ve often been tempted to give it another try.

So I finally did. I hopped back in during the climax of the first season of the “Living Story” and spent a few days getting reacquainted. For my full thoughts, see my article on the topic over at WhatMMO:

Revisiting Guild Wars 2

Here’s a brief excerpt:

“If I was to describe Guild Wars 2 in a nutshell, I’d say that it’s a great game that is utterly ignorant of its own strengths. The Living Story seems designed to focus on all of the things ArenaNet cannot do right – like story and group content – while rejecting the positives of the game, such as accessibility and freedom.”

My mesmer taking a walk in the woods in Guild Wars 2It should be noted that there was a delay in getting this article published, so some of what it discusses is old news by now. However, most of my thoughts remain relevant.

It should be said that the recently started second season of the Living Story does — from what I hear — address some of the complaints I have. It does feature a new permanent game zone, albeit one I’m told is fairly small, and it seems like the Elder Dragons are taking center stage again.

However, I fear it may be too little, too late for this player.

It’s a shame. There’s much about Guild Wars 2 that I do truly love. The sense of freedom it offers is incredibly liberating, and it’s probably my all-time favourite game in terms of visuals. Perfect balance between realism and stylization, and the graphics are just gorgeous, especially on my new computer.

But when I don’t care about the world, there’s nothing to disguise the grind at the heart of all MMOs, and I just can’t seem to find the motivation to keep coming back.

My Charr engineer in Guild Wars 2* * *

It occurs to me that continuing to call this segment “Cheating on WoW” is growing increasingly inaccurate, considering I haven’t played WoW for the lion’s share of a year. It should probably be “Cheating on TSW” now.

Doesn’t have the same ring to it, though.

4 thoughts on “Cheating on WoW: Guild Wars 2 Revisited

  1. Guild Wars 2 is artistically way ahead of the pack in terms of game graphics. It’s absolutely beautiful and I love the characters. No, Wildstar doesn’t make the cut – the art style is just so over-used and predictable.
    I like Guild Wars 2 – at least I should like the game – but I find it really hard to get into it. Maybe because I die a lot and never can get anything done 😀

    • If you want to give GW2 another try — and I would recommend it, despite my complaints, because it is a very unique game that’s worth playing for at least a little while — you might want to consider a tankier class. If you roll a warrior and pick the signet that automatically heals you, you basically don’t die ever.

      Guardians and necromancers are also supposed to be really hard to kill. I know necros have a second health bar — that’s got to come in handy.

      • I started with a Thief and that was fun to play. I forget what I tried for the second character – caster I think – but yikes I died a lot.
        My biggest problem is I haven’t figured out how to use GW2 abilities yet. For some reason when I’m looking at “researching” how to play another game all over again well…my lazy gene kicks in and I default to ice cream 😀

      • Thief was my favourite, but they are made of tissue paper. You can kind of get around this by stunlocking enemies or going dagger/dagger and spamming Death Blossom 24/7, but it’s definitely not as easy as being a warrior and just face-tanking everything.

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