Human Again Soundtrack, Part Two

We now press on with part two of my soundtrack for the third World Spectrum novel, Human Again. This section will cover events up to and including chapter eight, “The Last of the First.”

I’m trying hard to avoid spoilers, but I may not be entirely successful.

5: Worlds Collide:

The greatest enemies of humanity, the Old Gods and the Arcanids, have been defeated. This is the story we know. But in a universe of infinite possibilities, these two evils still prosper across many worlds. Now, they clash — with Leha caught in the middle.

For this part of the story, I’ve once again dipped into the soundtrack for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, which should be everyone’s source for badass, epic music. Specifically, the song is Xaxas, the theme from the opening cinematic.

6: Living Ghost:

Leha has faced down Garribis and the Automaton Lord. She has traveled to the far ends of the spectrum and back and evaded certain death countless times. Through it all, her courage has never failed her.

But there is one thing she cannot face: The proof of her greatest mistake and the sum of all her regrets staring her in the face, a living ghost who embodies all that her mistakes have cost her.

This scene is probably the cruelest thing I’ve ever done to one of my characters, so I chose a very morose accompaniment for it: “Story of Life” from the unofficial Stargate: Universe soundtrack.

7: The Reborn:

The human race has suffered terribly across two wars, but there is now a source of hope. The freed slaves known as the Reborn offer a new beginning for humankind. Not only through their physical assistance with rebuilding, but as a source of inspiration. The Reborn are a people free of hate, innocent souls who uplift all around them.

To Alistos, the Reborn are especially important. He lost everything in the wars, but he now has a new reason to live in Nahsreen, the Reborn woman who has claimed his heart. Nahsreen has given him a new perspective on the world, and helped him to feel human again.

My theme for the Reborn in general and Nahsreen in particular comes from the Grizzly Hills soundtrack from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. It’s got a very clean, uplifting sound, with just a slight bittersweet edge.

8: The World Tree:

Wondrous. Haunting. Awe-inspiring. Alien.

All these words and more describe the World Tree, but none of them do it justice. It is something wholly beyond human comprehension, the last and greatest work of the creator race.

My soundtrack for the World Tree comes from the hidden faerie dragon event in World of Warcraft. Its has a surreal and haunting feel that fits the alien environment of the World Tree.

* * *

Stay tuned for the final update to the Human Again soundtrack, featuring a mix of tracks from Stargate: Universe and Battlestar Galactica.

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