A New Resource for TSW + Crowdfunded MMOs

One of the downsides to playing a niche game like The Secret World is that it can be a bit more difficult to find guides and info for the game. There aren’t a million resources like there are for, say, World of Warcraft.

Players rushing to defeat Hel in The Secret WorldMost people have relied on Unfair.co up until now. I’ve used it a fair bit myself, but truth be told, I’m not its biggest fan. I always found the site layout cluttered and confusing, and I’ve heard some bad stuff about the guy who runs it. Plus, it hasn’t been updated recently, and the fellow behind it is constantly threatening to quit, so its future is far from certain.

So I’m glad that a new resource has appeared to give guidance to players of TSW: The Secret Database.

I’m planning to make this my go-to resource, and I’d recommend others do the same. I prefer its cleaner layout and easier navigation.

However, I’m not completely unbiased. I made my own small contribution to this site. My Dragon’s solo build made it into their build guide section, under the named Bloodied Blades Solo Build.

New article:

My latest contribution to WhatMMO is 6 Crowdfunded MMOs to Watch For.

Concept art for City of TitansI’m not sure what to make of this trend of crowdfunding. I take it all with a grain of salt, as I know there’s no guarantee any of these games will release, let alone be any good. But I’m not as utterly cynical about the process as some. I believe that at least a majority of the bigger name crowdfunded projects will see the light of day, though whether they’ll be successes is anyone’s guess.

I’m mildly curious about Star Citizen, but I’ve never been much of a sandbox fan, and I don’t have a lot of experience with the space sim genre. I’ll wait until it’s closer to release before I start forming any strong opinions.

I did find myself getting rather intrigued by City of Titans, the “spiritual successor” to City of Heroes, while researching this article. I never tried City of Heroes, but in retrospect, I regret not doing so, and I have had an odd craving for a super hero MMO recently. None of the current offerings in that genre appeal to me, though.

Plus, it’s just hard not to root for these guys. A grass roots campaign to right the perceived wrongs of a publisher and create a game made by fans and for fans just tickles my fancy. Reminds me of my good old days with the Save Enterprise campaign.

Let’s hope they have better luck than we did…

What say you? Are you excited about some of the upcoming crowdfunded MMOs, or are you declaring humbug over it all?

4 thoughts on “A New Resource for TSW + Crowdfunded MMOs

  1. I’m more in the middle between “excited” and “humbug.”
    I suppose it’s like any game whether it’s crowd funded or a multi-million (billion?) dollar franchise…the proof is in the pudding.

    It’s pretty much a crap shoot on whether or not a game will succeed regardless of where the money came from and how much or how little was spent to develop it -SWTOR and Minecraft are a couple of examples.

  2. If I wanted to submit a build or 2 to the site, how would I do so? I don’t see any form or anything. Would I just use their “contact us” form?

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