Blizzard Trademarks “The Dark Below”

Well, now…

MMO-Champion has just reported that Blizzard has trademarked the title “The Dark Below,” and that the trademark applies to an electronic game.

So, are we looking at World of Warcraft: The Dark Below to be announced as the next expansion?

The breach in Vashj'ir during the Elemental Bonds quest chainI’d hope so. “The Dark Below,” aside from being an all around awesome title, strongly hints at either an ocean-themed expansion (Ozumat bore the title “Fiend of the Dark Below”) or an underground expansion.

My two main wishes for the next WoW expansion are either an ocean-themed expansion with Azshara as the main villain, or an underground expansion based on the Old Gods, so this has me very excited. Azjol-Nerub, Nyalotha, Nazjatar… all places I’d love to go.

Now, it should be noted that there is mention of the Dark Below being associated with demons in Warcraft lore, so it could be a hint of a Burning Legion expansion, which is what everyone expected to follow Pandaria, but this mention of the Dark Below comes from the non-canon RPG, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in the idea.

Of course, there is one more possibility.

Dios mio! El Diablo!

It could also be the title for the Diablo III expansion. Certainly, “The Dark Below” does sound very Diablo-y, and there is a lot of talk that they may be announcing the D3 expansion soon, possibly at Gamescom roughly a week from now.

I hope it’s not, though. Partly because I really like the idea of Azshara and/or the Old Gods getting an expansion, and partly because I was hoping the D3 expansion would involve the angels as the main villains. “The Dark Below,” if it is a Diablo expansion, sounds like yet another traipse through Hell. Which is all well and good, but I’d like to see Diablo explore new frontiers a bit more.

Li-Ming and Eirena in Diablo 3* * *

So, commence weeks of rampant speculation. What do you think? Naga? Old Gods? Diablo? Azshara riding Diablo riding N’zoth riding a T-rex riding a frickin’ shark with a frickin’ laser on its head?

Please be an Azshara expansion, please be an Azshara expansion…

8 thoughts on “Blizzard Trademarks “The Dark Below”

  1. “The Dark Below” sounds like a underwater-themed expansion. I feel like Cataclysm already covered that pretty well. Blizz, are you gonna repeat yourself?

    • I wouldn’t say one zone “covered that,” especially considering the massive amount of foreshadowing for something terrible in the Great Sea that’s been happening since before WoW even launched, and especially considering we never got closure on the Neptulon plot.

      There are still tonnes of major underwater landmarks we haven’t visited: Nazjatar, the ruins of Zin-Azshari, Nyalotha, the Rift of Aln…

      And then there are the islands we could potentially visit. Zandalar, Plunder Isle, Kul Tiras, Undermine.

      • Of course one zone doesn’t cover it all, but considering the nature of WoW’s expansions, it would seem weird if there would be this…overlap between expansions. I know, there’s still much to discover under the sea, but so far, every expansion has been fairly standalone. Then again, it would be nice to go more in-depth (oh the pun) regarding Azshara and all things abyssal…

  2. I’m guessing they won’t do another underwater thing because they didn’t even do the raid they had planned for the zone.

    I would absolutely squeee over an expansion that had more of the Old Gods in it. I love that part of the lore (who doesn’t love H.P. Lovecraft?) even though we technically can’t kill them (isn’t there something about Azeroth would be destroyed?) it would be awesome!

    The expansion rumors are probably right – more Burning Legion stuff to come but that would be okay if it had more Old Gods story woven in.

    Considering the timing though, it’s most likely a Diablo III expansion that will be announced at Blizzcon. I seriously doubt a new WoW expansion is anywhere near ready to be announced πŸ˜›

    • We’re a month or less away from the final raid tier of MoP. If we don’t get a new WoW expansion announced at Blizzon, something is terribly, terribly wrong at Blizzard headquarters.

      I’d also be all for more Old Gods. My view is that the Burning Legion was the main villain of the strategy games, and they should be left for that. WoW doesn’t have the scale to do the Legion justice. The Old Gods, on the other hand, are perfect for the dungeon-delving gameplay of WoW.

      • Ah yes I forgot about that. I never got too excited about the Burning Legion (Wrath baby and Outland was a painful questing/grind fest – low drop rates anyone?)

        But give me some Old Gods and a good story to go with them and I’ll even look past the Burning Legion stuff πŸ˜€

      • I adored the Burning Legion back in WCIII. They were so badass back then. “The Legion comes to undo history, and end all life!”

        But Burning Crusade was just such a trainwreck for lore that it’s kind of soured me on Demons for good. “I know, let’s turn our two most complex anti-heroes into one-dimensional loot pinatas! And also, remember those utterly badass prune people from the Frozen Throne? They’re now sparkly, angelic squidgoatKlingons from OUTER SPAAAAACE!”


        Plus, I just feel like MMOs aren’t set up to encompass the badassery of the Legion. They’re supposed to be as numberless as the stars in the sky, and each of them as mighty as a dozen warriors. I remember the sheer terror of fighting just two infernals at once back in WCIII, and compare that to the fact that my holy paladin was able to solo six at-level demons at once without breaking a sweat.

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