Clearcasting Reviews Rage of the Old Gods

Another fellow blogger, Arioch of Clearcasting, has taken me up on my offer of a free copy of Rage of the Old Gods in exchange for an honest review.

Books of the World Spectrum bannerDid my fellow Blood Elf spellcaster love or hate the book? Click through to find out.

Although the fact that I’m being so chipper about it is probably a pretty strong hint of what tone the review took.

As a reminder, my offer of a free copy is still available to anyone with an active blog or social media profile. Just drop me a line on my contact page with a valid email address and a link to wherever you intend to post the review.

And if you’ve already bought one or both of the books, I’d still like your reviews — be they on your blog, on your Facebook page, on Amazon, on Barnes and Noble, scrawled on a men’s room wall, or anywhere else you can think of. Every little bit of promotion helps to continue the series.

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