What I Want From the Next Season of Defiance + New Article

It’s going to be quite a while before the second season of Defiance rolls around, but for now, we can pass the time with the national sport of nerds everywhere: pointless speculation and wishlisting.

A promotional image for DefianceFor my part, these are some of things I’m hoping to see in the next season of Defiance.

More Votans:

I think the writers of Defiance were fairly smart to focus on just a few Votan races to start — mainly the Irathients, Castithans, and Indogenes. It allowed them to develop those cultures quite strongly, and they didn’t overwhelm the viewer with massive info dumps on all the Votan cultures at once.

But now I’d like to see them branch out a bit. I’ve had my fill of Irathients and Castithans (okay, you can never have too much Castithan story), and now I’d like to learn more about the more neglected Votans. I want to know what the Sensoth make of current events, and I want to find out what makes the Liberata tick. I’d like to know how the Volge stowed away on the Ark ships, and why they’re so violent.

The Votanis Collective:

Related to the above, I’d like Defiance to explore the Votanis Collective in greater detail. We’ve seen plenty of the Earth Republic. Now it’s time we learn about the other major political power.

What kind of cities do the Votans build? How have all their disparate cultures come together? How have the Irathients and Castithans not murdered each other yet?

The town of DefianceWith how much the writers for Defiance seem to like political intrigue, the Votanis Collective just seems to be a potential gold mine. So many different races all attempting to live and work together, all vying for power against each other and against the E-Rep.

I’d also be curious to see how Defiance’s Votans view the Collective. Do they feel guilty for not standing with their people, or do they view the Collective the same way the town’s humans view the E-Rep?

The wider world:

Both Defiance the show and Defiance the game have focused pretty much exclusively on the Americas, but the Arkfall changed the entire world. I’d like to find out what happened to the rest of Earth.

Were the terraforming’s effects uniform, or were there unique and strange environments created elsewhere in the world? Is Antarctica the paradise everyone believes it to be? Are the E-Rep and the Votanis Collective the only major political forces left, or are there others elsewhere in the world?

More Datak and Yewll:

Datak Tarr (Tony Curran) in DefianceDoc Yewll might not get as much attention as some of the main cast members, but I think she’s one of the more intriguing characters on Defiance. She’s so prickly and unpleasant, and we know she has a very dark past, but she seems to have a strong moral backbone these days.

I’d love to learn more about Yewll’s past. What horrors did she commit during the Pale Wars, and what made her want to reform?

Datak Tarr remains my favourite character on the show, so naturally I want to see him continue to get plenty of attention. Dude’s just all kinds of awesome.

* * *

What are you hoping to see from the next season of Defiance? Comment and share your thoughts.

New article:

My latest article at WhatMMO is 6 Most Epic One-Time Events.


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  1. just a FYI (not just for this post): I usually read your posts on my mobile via RSS (either via the feedly app, or the Reeder app). In both, if I click the link to the WhatMMO site, I get a page that tells me I should download free games for my mobile, but there is no link whatsoever that would take me past that page – and I am _not_ clicking on any of the “install me” buttons.

    This is exceedingly annoying.

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