Introductory post, and what Superior Realities means

Welcome to my shiny new blog, Superior Realities. Here, I intend to do what us nerds do best: discuss the things I love over the internet. I’m a fantasy novel junkie and a hopeless World of Warcraft addict, so you can expect a lot of posts on those subjects, but also expect me to discuss television and movies and occasionally other video games. Some of it may not even be sci-fi or fantasy related. I am a self-confessed Gleek (even if the last season left something to be desired), so that might come up a bit as well. I am also an aspiring professional writer, so expect some thoughts on that, too. I may even post some of my fiction sometime.

I’ll explain more about what you can expect from my blog in a bit, but first I want to explain where the name “Superior Realities” comes from, and in so doing, hopefully give you an idea of why I love speculative fiction (that’s sci-fi and fantasy if you haven’t heard that term before) so much.

Simply put, I have always felt that places like Middle Earth and Azeroth are simply better than this dull, ordinary, dirty world we live in. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not some deranged individual who can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. I am deranged, but not in that manner (and that’s really a subject for another time). But that doesn’t mean I don’t think there is something innately better about the realms created by fantasy.

“But, Mr. Blogger,” you say, “those fantasy worlds are terrible. They’re full of Orcs and undead and suffering.” And you’re right. But in a strange way, the ultimate evils present in fantasy are what make it so compelling. There seems to an unwritten rule of balance in a lot of fantasy story-telling. The logic seems to be that if ultimate evil exists, then so must ultimate good, and vice versa. Now, that doesn’t really make any rational sense if you think about it. But there is a certain base logic to its symmetry, and it seems to be assumed by most fantasy writers (including yours truly).

This is one of the key appeals for me, because ultimate good, like ultimate evil, doesn’t really exist in this world. No one is perfect. Everyone has their burden of sin. Even the best among us occasionally harm others whether they want to or not. It’s one of those utterly depressing facts of the real world.

In short, it is worth enduring the nightmare of ultimate evil for the dream of ultimate good. If I could, I would gladly unleash a real life Sauron or Lich King upon the world if it meant we could get a real life Tirion Fordring or Samwise Gamgee in the bargain. (Yeah, I just compared the fat Hobbit to the guy who shattered Frostmourne–but really, Sam was the true hero in those books.) And I say that despite being someone who would certainly be one of the first proverbial redshirts to fall before the undead onslaught.

My reasons for loving speculative fiction are many and complex, but this is one of the main ones, and one of the key reasons I will always view the fantasy realities as superior. And it is those realities that this blog will focus on, hence the name.

Now, here are some of the segments I am planning for this blog:

Reviews: Pretty self-explanatory. I’ll review books I’ve read, TV shows I watch, and movies I see.

Retro reviews: The same as above, but not things that are new or recent. My reasons for doing these are two-fold. One is that I don’t think something needs to be new to deserve attention; I’m sure I’ve read plenty of books that you haven’t heard of and might be interested in. The other is that I really don’t have a huge amount of new stuff to review (in part because money can be an issue).

Miscellaneous rants/ruminations/previews/fanboy gushing: Just anything I want to talk about. A lot of this is probably going to be about Warcraft. Also, I spelled miscellaneous right on my first try. Yay me!

“Newb of the day”: You encounter a lot of douchebags when you play WoW. I will probably feel the need to rant.

I also may attempt to badger my friends into doing some guest posts (they’re a lot more interesting than I am). I may even post some of my fiction sometime, although that’s tricky since once I do that I can’t submit it to publications. But then, I always get rejected anyway.

I’m going to try to set up an Amazon affiliate so you can buy what I review here. That way, you get some awesome stuff, and I get money to review more things.

Expect new posts roughly every two or three days. I’m going to try and be nice and regular about it, so come back often, and spam tell your friends.

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