Wyrd Street Tease: Master of Fate

It’s time for another Wyrd Street teaser. I’ll be posting these every couple weeks leading up the launch of the crowdfunding campaign in March.

A title banner for Wyrd Street, an upcoming tabletop RPG by Tyler F.M. Edwards.This time, I’m showing off the three choices of max level ability available to the Fortune Teller class. Fortune Teller is one of the classes where I took the most chances with my designs, and it really shows in their level ten options. Only appropriate for a class that gambles with the threads of fate itself.

* * *

Master of Fate:

Your insight into the forces of destiny is unmatched. You can produce wondrous effects with it… but fate remains capricious, and can still fail you. Choose one of the following abilities.

Fate, Don’t Fail Me Now:


Free action

After your health reaches 0 but before you lose Vitality as a result, you can as a free action make a desperate plea to fate itself. Roll a D20 and gain an effect based on its result. You cannot reroll this die by any means.

  • 20 – You are restored to your maximum health.
  • 2-19 – Roll D8s equal to your Wellness attribute (minimum 1D8) and regain health equal to the result.
  • 1 – Your Vitality becomes 0, and you die.

You must rest before using this ability again.

Fortune Favours the Bold:


To benefit from this ability, you must not be wearing armour.

Any of your abilities that allow you or other characters to reroll dice now allow them to reroll twice instead of once. If combined with Major Arcana, this allows you to reroll each D4 once. It does not allow you to have more than two Tarot abilities at a time.

Additionally, basic attacks and Strikes that target only you have disfavour on their attack and Strike rolls.

Twist of Fate:


1 action

Through an act of great will, you can force your will upon the threads of fate, causing the flow of time to subtly alter at your command. During a combat encounter, you can cause two characters of your choice other than yourself to swap their positions in the turn order. Characters who have been swapped this way are not considered to have completed the current round of combat until their next turn has ended.

You must rest or recuperate before using this ability again.

The threads of time do not react well to being altered. The first time you use this ability, your maximum Vitality is permanently reduced by 1. Subsequent uses of this ability do not incur this penalty.

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