Blog Revamp + Valory Goodwin’s Book of Heart Now on DM’s Guild

Good news, everyone: I’ve done a minor revamp of Superior Realities interface to make things a bit more relevant to my current endeavours. Most notably, there is now a “My RPGs” page to go with the My Writing page, showcasing my published tabletop game projects.

It’s a little spartan right now, but I can tell you there will be more there before too long.

On that note, I can also announce another newly released Fifth Edition product I’ve contributed to. Valory Goodwin’s Book of Heart is now available on Dungeon Master’s Guild!

Cover art for Valory Goodwin's Book of Heart, a collection of positive player options for Fifth Edition.The Book of Heart is a collection of player options focused on positivity, love, heroism, and all things good. It includes role-play guides, feats, magic items, and at least one new subclass for every official Fifth Edition class.

We made an effort to present a diverse interpretation of “good” to fit any taste. The subclasses range from the light-hearted and fun, like the Toymaker artificer, to grittier interpretations of heroism, like the Path of the Revolutionary for barbarians. Whether you want warmth and cuddles or a more pragmatic take on do-gooding, the Book of Heart has options for you.

For my part, I contributed at least a little bit to every area of the book, but the lion’s share of my work was in the realm of subclasses, where I submitted four:

  • College of Recovery: Heal the emotional traumas of your companions with this bard college inspired by dialectical behaviour therapy and other real world therapeutic practices. I even consulted with my counselor to ensure I was representing therapy accurately.
  • Circle of the Forgotten: Unleash the hidden potential of nature’s most humble creatures and become one with the swarm with my most experimental 5E subclass to date.
  • The Honored Fallen: Seek eternal glory through deeds of valor and self-sacrifice with this warlock patron inspired by Norse mythology.
  • Oath of Truth: Uncover universal truth and cut through the lies of evil with this rational, scientifically minded paladin oath.

10% of all profits from the Book of Heart go to Doctors Without Borders, so you can feel like a hero outside the game, too.

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