iZombie Season Three Is Still the Best

Are you watching iZombie yet? If not, start.

An official promo image for iZombieSeason three of the show has begun, and while I’m still going to avoid doing formal reviews on it because it is my favourite show for relaxation and I don’t want it to feel like work, I did want to take the opportunity to once again sing its praises.

We may only be two episodes in, but so far iZombie season three continues to delight. If anything this might even be a little better than past seasons.

Of course, it’s still hilariously off the walls. I missed a lot of lines of dialogue in episode two because I was laughing too hard at the preceding line. Ravi’s eyes while Liv and Major were bickering… my sides…

Liv and Ravi have always been a joy, but Clive and Major are really starting to come into their own, too. I always liked them, but season three is giving them much more freedom to shine than ever before. The guy who plays Major is a better actor than I’ve given him credit for, and one gets the impression he’s immensely enjoying the role he’s been given.

It’s not just funny, though. So far season three seems to be taking the show in a bit of a new direction, and the implications are intriguing.

Without spoiling too much, the scale of the show seems to be broadening. No longer is it just about the trials and tribulations of Liv and those close to her. iZombie is beginning to think on a more cultural scale as the battle lines are slowly drawn between humans and the undead.

Major, Liv, and Clive in iZombie season threeIt’s different, but so far, I really like it. The show is going down a darker path — while somehow still maintaining its off the walls comedy — and I’m starting to see a certain sophistication in the writing. Maybe it won’t ever be quite as cerebral as Continuum, but iZombie is getting smarter.

*Insert brain joke here.*

Anyway, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself, and I can only reiterate that if you haven’t tried iZombie yet, you totally should, because it’s excellent.

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