Review: Dark Matter, “We Should Have Seen This Coming”

I’m having a hard time not seeing this as some sort of weird Dark Matter/Secret World crossover.

The logo for Dark MatterThe Raza crew needs cash. The only way they know how to get it is through some good old fashioned space piracy.

Nyx has a suggestion for the perfect mark… or so she says. This being Dark Matter, of course she has an ulterior motive. In the process, we learn her history and the source of her preternatural combat skills.

Basically, she’s one of the Connected. Somehow I’m not surprised the Dragon made it to the space age.

This was a very well-balanced episode. We got some action, we learned a lot about Nyx, we got some development of for rest of the cast, and we discovered a new faction in the galactic mix. A little something for everyone.

The Connected Seers make for an interesting addition, a bit more heavy on the sci-fi than what we’ve seen on Dark Matter so far. On the whole I welcome their addition, but I am a little concerned the show’s villains’ gallery is getting a little crowded. Now we’ve got Seers, the empress of Space Japan, the corporations, and Wesley Crusher to deal with. That’s a lot of ground to cover for a show with only thirteen episodes to a season.

It was good to see Nyx get fleshed out some, but I think I liked the smaller developments for the other cast members better. Six and Three’s bit seemed a little by the numbers, but it needed to happen. Five developing some suspicions of Devon is good. I like that Sally can apparently switch back and forth between her old and new personas — I think I would have missed her old one if it was gone for good.

Left to right: Alex Mallari Jr. (Four), Roger Cross (Six), Anthony Lemke (Three), and Melissa O'Neill (Two)What really impressed me was Four’s solution at the end. I saw it coming (har har), but I wasn’t sure the show would be willing to go there. I’m glad they did. Bodes well for the future that the writers aren’t the sort to pull their punches.

This also marks arguably the first time we’ve seen significant space battles on the show. It was good to see those cannons on the Raza finally get some use. A portend of things to come?

Overall rating: 8/10

So if the Seers are the Dragon, I guess that means the corporations are Illuminati. Come to think of it, the GA uniforms do look a little like the Lumie PvP armour.

No Templars in sight, though. I suppose they’re probably stuck on Earth while this century’s Dame Julia struggles in vain to figure out how to fly a space ship.

5 thoughts on “Review: Dark Matter, “We Should Have Seen This Coming”

    • Syfy in the US; Space in Canada. I don’t have a TV, so I’ve bought the season on iTunes. Season one is also now on Netflix in Canada; not sure about other countries.

      It’s a great show; I definitely recommend it. I would suggest starting from the beginning. It’s not the most complex show ever, but there are some good twists that shouldn’t be spoiled.

  1. I liked how in this ep and in the next the Seers were good at making predictions, but as noted.. they don’t actually know what’s going to happen, nor can they read anyone’s mind, Still, the quandary that 2 had of “Will they predict my unpredictability?” was an interesting thought experiment.

    • Yeah, the fact that they haven’t quite mastered it yet is interesting. It’s necessary because obviously if the could perfectly predict everything they would just be unstoppable, but in a weird way it also makes them a little scarier, because if they’re this dangerous when they get half of their predictions wrong, imagine how much worse they’ll be once they improve their models.

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